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Jeff, first of all, I love your sight.  It's nice to see you're back at it again too. 

I am probably one of your older story submitters, being I am 39.  Growing up in the 80's was awesome; the music, the videos, the hair styles, the clothes trends but mostly it was the CARS.  The cars were cool - in 1986 I got my license and what a thrill it was to have that freedom.  Unfortunately, as a 16 year-old I didn't have the dough for a cool ride, so be it.  A couple of years went by and all my buddies started buying Fox body 5.0 Mustangs, GTA's and Camaros.  God, how I loved those cars but even though I worked I never had enough saved to get into one myself.  I was happy enough being a passenger, cruising the strip on Friday and Saturday nights - what choice did I have?  Growing up in Ontario, some summer weekends we'd blast our way to Wasaga Beach for the Car Shows and the girls - always a passenger though.

Then my dream started.  A neighbor, a spoiled punk that got everything he wanted, drove home his brand new 1988 IROC-Z. Bright Red, 305, Manual, T-Tops - just luscious.  Damn, he and I didn't get along so I was never invited for a drive.  His brother had one of the new Corvettes at the time too but I was in love with the IROC.  I would be outside, looking at the car for hours, imagining what it would be like to be behind the wheel, to be an owner.  Unfortunately, his car didn't last long.  He trashed it in only a few years after and it was painful for me to watch.  And as the years passed from the late 80's into the mid 90's, the hair all got short, my friends either sold their rides or wrote them off, some of us got hitched, got real jobs, went our separate ways and real life set in. The dreams were set aside.

A few years later I found myself in the Automotive Sales business.  I took a shine to it and 12 years later I run a fair size pre-owned department at an established dealership and make a good living at it.  I have driven everything from a $1 car to a Bentley, Porsche & Ferrari - thousands of vehicles.  But this business changes you.  You become numb to the vehicles - they become, for the most part, just transportation and we just buy and sell.  Turn the iron in less then 90 days.  You become attached to nothing because everything is for sale... 

Then my dream was reborn.  Over the last few years, as my lifestyle has improved financially, I have been looking at the odd Camaro here and there but nothing seriously.  This coming January I will turn 40 and I decided some months ago that I would buy myself MY car as a birthday present.  And a few months ago I did just that.  She's a 1989 Camaro IROC-Z, 350, Automatic, White on Red with 65,000 original miles.  The paint is all original except for the hood which was painted for chips.  This car is a true survivor, a 9/10.  I only got to drive it 6 times this year before putting it in storage but I felt like a King every time I was behind the wheel.  20 years later I am an owner and the hours spent looking at the neighbour's IROC-Z wondering what it would be like, now I know.  I may be reliving my childhood a bit but I truly believe at this age I appreciate it more then I would have years back... and can afford it.  I am a passenger no more.  Thanks for letting me share my story.

 Glen Halina, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I am 22 years old and have owned 7 cars so far.  The current (and most beloved) is my 1989 blue on white iroc z 305!  Before opportunity came knocking with this beauty…I was driving a 95 ford thunderbird with a 302 in it and it was ok.  It was a ford….need I say more.  That car gave me about 3 months and then, on craigslist, I saw it!  The guy was selling it for 3000 dollars and I didn’t have the cash but I had the thunderbird and an xbox 360 that I adored but I just had my second daughter and there was no time for it!  I immediately emailed the guy and his response was, when can we meet…….i was in awe!!!!  The thunderbird is maybe worth 1500 dollars and this car is worth at least 3500!  The guy said he was an enthusiast and kept an open mind with all cars…..once again I was in awe and immediately started boasting the thunderbird like it was the best thing that ever happened to this planet and that I was just bored with it….well, he bit!  We met about 30 miles from my home and test drove the cars.  I knew even before I got in that I was gonna beg him to let me have it….it was just that I needed him to want mine and God bless that beautiful man he did!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!  The only catch was that it was going to be his sons car and to get it from him I would have to give up the xbox….of course I did it without hesitation…when would I get that opportunity again….i can always get another xbox 360!  So I gave his son the xbox and we signed titles over immediately after.  As soon as we were done with all that, I led him out of my housing area and something that I only thought could happen in heaven happened next….i drove my very own IROC Z!  I thought I had died or was dreaming….i even had to pinch myself a few times…but it was all to true!  Everyday I drive this car now I feel invincible and powerful…like never before!  THE CAR SPEAKS THE MAN!!!!!!!  IROC ROC!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot and I hope this story gets submitted!!!!!



Hi, I've always been into cars and to be more specific chevys.  My old neighbor 3 doors down used to own a Camaro, and i told my mom when i was 5 that i would one day own one myself.  My farther has owned many cars in his life he my influence into the automotive world.  So my story starts when i was 14 when after looking on for 2 years i found a boat, yes a boat. I brought the boat for  $100. Probably the best investment i have ever made. I fixed it up with the help of my dad, registered it and did some father son bonding out on the the Great Sound Bay.  After about 6 months of owning a boat i knew it was time to sell ti because we were putting a beating on it, after all it was a 1985 Bayliner Capri I/O. Which basically means it was a piece of junk and the affordable mans boat.  So i posted an add on craigslist to try and sell it for $2000, and sure enough 2 young guys in there twenties came and brought it. Now being a 15 year old kid with $2000, well i felt like i was Bill Gates.  So i split the money with my dad gave him a 1000 and i took 1000... and the search for my first car began.  I knew what i wanted i wasnt uneducated in the car world, i had already rebuilt 2 engines with my dad and became a handyman myself.  So sure enough i find the car of my dreams a 1987 IROC-Z Camaro, located in my home town of West Babylon New York, i was real excited.  So i email the guy find out where he lives and we go about a mile up the road and see it, there it was coverd in leaves 4 flat tires rust in usual spots and a 5 dollor paint job that was peeling and showing the original one.  My father laugh and said this car isnt worth $500, the guy wanted $1000. My father is a mechanic so he wanted to hear it run and was checking all of the car.  We hooked up a battery and she fired right up but sounded like there was alot, a real lot of work needed.  He was iffy and i was grinning from ear to ear knowing that it could be done.  So i offered the man $500 and he wasnt really bitting.  So my dad did some convincing and got the guy to sell it.  So thats how I got my first car and the car i will never sell.  Today the Camaro is my baby i put over $700 into it, and the list of things i still want to do is never ending.  I changed the tires, spark plugs, cap, rotor, oil filter, tranny filter, oil, tranny fluid, and much more.  The car kept stalling and wasnt running strong, sure enough alot of vacuums lines were disconnected, it was only running on 6 cylinders, and the piece to the mass air flow needed to be changed.  Now the car sits in my driveway and is only taken out once or twice a week.  I recently put 24" long, 4" round chrome tips on the back and the sound is amazing.  The Camaro has a great second gear, chirps when it shifts and puts you back in that seat.  So that is my story of my Iroc-Z Camaro.  The engine is a 5.7 liter tpi and the tranny is 700R4.  Here i am today 15 years old with an Iroc-Z Camaro, and i know that all the money came out of my pocket and all the work was done by me.  I worked 4 days a week and spent all of my pay check except $20 for lunch money on my Iroc-Z.

Thanks Ryan LaRocca

Wow. Nice website. I am almost in tears reading what you are saying. I am inspired to write to you.
In 1988 my dad bought a brand new to order 1989 IROC-Z. He was going to put it away in his garage and never drive it. He got remarried in 1988, and his new wife insisted that she be the only one to drive it. To and from work every day. In the rain, burning sun, snow, everything. Black cars with black interiors have a tendancy to cook in the sun.
They had 2 boxer dogs at the time and took them in the car in the back seat. What a mess. You know what they say, dog hair sticks to everything but dogs.
She drove the car in a snowstorm on her way home from work one day. IROC-Z Camaros are known for their superb winter handling. As you know, 16" IROC tires in the snow have little to no traction. Hell, they have no traction on dry pavement at 90 degrees! Needless to say, someone ran a stop light while she was turning and cremated the drivers side of the car. I saw it half finished at the body shop and almost puked. That was pretty much the end of that beauty. They traded it in on an Oldsmobile Achieva. Can you believe it? An Achieva for lands sake. Don't know if there are any pictures of it left, if I find them I will send you copies via e-mail. I bleed Chevy orange. that is a deep cut that I don't think will ever heal.  David Shreve
Hi Jeff,
My name is Mike and I wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your IROC site. I have had 5 camaros in my lifetime. Im 37 now. My first experience with an IROC was in 1985. I wasnt even into cars yet. I was at the first L.A marathon standing on a freeway overpass when a friend pointed out a new IROCZ on the freeway. Man I was in love. It was blue and it looked great. I was hooked. But in 1985 I couldnt afford a skateboard let alone an IROC. My first car was a Honda. But when I turned 18 I got a small inheritance and bought my first camaro. It was a white 1982 Z28 with the 145hp 305 and an automatic trans and no t-top which i regretted. I love t-tops. I dont care if they leak. I remember my mom's insurance agent got all pissed off because she had a hell of a time getting insurance for an 18 year old with a camaro. I sold the car 3 years later and bought a toyota pick up. That didnt last long and I sold it and bought a brand new 1991 teal RS with a 5-speed and T-tops. I got married and sold that car to buy my wife an SUV.
In 1994 I bought my first and so far only IROCZ. It was a 1987 305TPI with an automatic trans. It was white with gold trim and an ugly tan interior and yes it had t-tops. It had some body damage and needed a paint job. I found a guy who had a wrecked 1990 IROC with a spotless gray interior. He let me have everything inside the car for 600 bucks. He also sold me a brand new set of 88 IROC wheels with brand new gatorbacks on them. (My 87 was missing its original wheels.) To make a long story short, I got it painted put all the decals back on, bought new grey emblems and installed the grey interior. A week later the car was stolen and stripped. I was livid. The cops found it in Watts california in the rain missing its t-tops and everything else. It had 6 inches of water in it. I bought a 1984 Z28 with the insurance money. It was red (I hate red) but it only had 44,000 miles on it. It had the 5.0 liter H.O motor with a 5-speed trans and no t-tops but it was only 4 grand. I had that car for about three years until an old man smashed the entire drivers side in a parking lot accident. My last camaro was a 1969 RS Z28. It was le mans blue with white stripes and a white interior. I paid 36 grand for it.  That car got alot of attention and was fun to drive (in a straight line). But I was forced to sell it when we bought our first house a few years ago. I want another 69 camaro but I also want another IROC. Like you Im an 80s guy and that car brings me back to my youth. I have noticed the values of low mileage IROCs are starting to climb rapidly. There was a grey 1988 5.7 near me here in Oregon with 45,000 miles on it for ten grand a while back but I didnt have the money at the time. It was spotless. I would really like a blue 1990 with the 350. I am going to take my time looking for the right one. Your yellow one is awesome. I always loved that color. There was a yellow 1985 IROC near my house back in the 80s. The owner never drove it. It just sat in his garage till one day it was gone. I hope he sold it and didnt wreck it.
Well thats my story. Thanks for reading.
Mike Leonardo

I have always been a fan of these cars. I am now 25 and for as long as I can remember always found the IROC-Z a special car. My story got good shortly after I graduated from college. I was over at a buddies house to check out his 91 Z28. I remember leaving his house knowing I would find one. The next day I was talking to my dad about it and asked him where I could find one. The only difference is I had to have an IROC and I told my dad exactly what I was going to look for. My dad is also a car fanatic and as usual knew right where to go. I am a convertible fan, and I figured finding a rag top would be even more difficult. It proved much easier than I figured. My dad had a friend who lived 3 miles away who had one. I couldn't believe it! So 2 days later we went to see it and I was floored. It was a dark red convertible, all original and original owner with 19k miles. Needless to say I bought it on the spot. I had the car for 2 years. I wanted to do a few minor things to the car but never found the time due to my career. In March of 06 I decided to sell the car to my dad. I was sick to my stomach but I was glad it stayed in the family. The car is beautiful and each time I saw it after I sold it I realized how much of a mistake it truely was. So I told myself I would never again try to place a value on something that I enjoy, something like an IROC. In the fall of 06 I found the cars "cousin" so to speak. I would a bright red 92 trans am convertible! I bought it from the original owner and the car is mint with only 15k miles! I learned my lesson and will not sell this baby. I guess the point here is that these cars, especially the IROC, take me back to a point in my life where the only things I cared about were sports and cars. It is great to see my dad enjoying the IROC and it is an awesome sight to see the cars next to eachother. Who knows, maybe one day I will find another IROC-Z to go along with my T/A.

Ross Peter


I am probably the oldest contributor to your website, but I bought a brand new 1986 Black IROC in October 1985 when I was 19 years old.  I loved this car and tried to care for it more than was realistically possible for a daily driver.  I was in college at the time and working full time nights.  It seemed wherever I took the car out it attracted attention, often the wrong kind of attention.  It had been broken into, and keyed down the entire right side.  I could not bear to see my pride and joy be abused in this way, so I put the IROC in the garage and bought another vehicle to be my daily driver. This car also lead me to the woman I married.  A friend of mine said he had another friend who wanted an IROC and we should go show him mine.  Over time the three of us became very good friends and in 1989 I meet the cousin of the guy who was into IROC's and the rest, as they say, is history.  My future wife was the owner of a 1985 Corvette, so at the time, as a couple, we had the two coolest cars on the road.  As time passed, the expense of maintaining and insuring (mostly insuring) the IROC and my daily driver became more than I could afford, so in 1990 I sold the IROC to a woman who told me she bought cars and exported them to France.  From France the cars were sold to car collectors in Spain; apparently cars cannot be exported directly from the US to Spain.  For years I was happy with the the Corvettes, I sold the 1985 to buy a 1987 Corvette Convertible which I still own, but I always regretted selling the IROC. In 2005, I dug out all of the old paperwork on my old IROC to see if I could track it down.  I ran a CARFAX on it, and it showed I was still the last registered owner, so my baby  really is somewhere in Europe.  I set out to find an original 1986 IROC, hopefully with very similar specifications to the one I had sold, but finding an original unmolested IROC in Black with gold trim and saddle interior was impossible.  I constantly searched the internet and newspapers but could not find Black and gold.  During my search I did find a 1986 Red IROC with black interior and 49,000 miles, which was in incredible condition for a 19 year old car.  It wasn't MY IROC, but it is a beautiful, all original, pristine IROC which now sits next to my 1987 Corvette in the garage.  As far as cars are concerned, I know 1980's sports cars may not be the most collectible or valuable cars on the market, but they remind me of my youth and the carefree days when my entire world revolved around cars, nightclubs, and girls.  I am not going to let go.

Hello Jeff,

My name is Nick. I live in Wisconsin, with my wife and our two daughters. I just bought a Iroc about a month ago and just tonight stumbled across your site. I work nights, so I couldn't sleep. Its a very cool sight and very informative. My wife says I am obsessed about the Iroc........but man you out do me by 10 fold.  Awesome website.

I bought a pretty nice White with Gold '87 305 TPI, 700r4, 3.23 posi with disc brakes, 8 speaker bose stereo system, self dimming rear-view, all power options, and t-tops with overhead console. T-top are nice, but noisy. Anyways I want to say I have been on you site for couple hours checking things out. Very cool website, I have enjoyed the read up and flash backs to the 80's. I am only going to be 26 this year, but I remember the 80's.

I remember the first time I seen an Iroc-z, I was maybe 9. The guy lived a block from my house at the time. Not until later in life did I realize what that car was. I was about 15 and buddy at school bought a '85 Iroc-z. Then I remember seeing iroc-z before on the side of a car and I remember the Iroc-z from when I was 9. I loved the looks of them.

Way before I got the iroc-z I owned a '85 Camaro V6/5 speed t-tops, '89 RS  v6/auto/hardtop, and '88 Trans Am 305 TBI/auto/hardtop.  3 yrs since my last f-body.  They are awesome cars, but the Iroc has to be my favorite hands down. The car has killer looks, is an all-around car, and the TPI engine looks sick under the hood.

I just wanted to touch basis with you and let you know there is some people out there that do appreciate all your work on your site. How long have you been running your site for? It is a gold mind of information and I cant wait to get out to the garage this morning to check out my whole RPO tag. I know a couple of them, but will be cool to see what they all are. Well thanks for
info and I will definatly check in on you site for updates. Hopefully will be sending you some pictures of my car.

Later, Nick.
9-3-06 Dear Jeff,
    I was a visitor to your wonderful site today and was inspired to write you with my story.  As a fellow lover of the IROC Z, and also a former owner, I too can appreciate your story and you love for these cars.  Here is my story:
    I came to own Roxy in the fall of 1998.  I had been searching for a 3rd generation Camaro since an attempt to buy a 2nd generation Trans Am had fallen through due to a lack of credit, I was 18 at the time, so go figure.  I had searched the lots in a three state area in search of the perfect Camaro with no luck.  My job at the time was directly across the road from a used-car lot and I had stepped out for a smoke and saw her.   There she was, white on grey sitting on the factory 16's (Which in my opinion were the the nicest wheels ever on a Camaro, factory or aftermarket).  I felt my heart stop.  That was the one.  I had to have THAT car.  So I dropped the 1200 bucks on the down payment I had been saving for a senior trip to Mexico (money well spent) and took Roxy home Halloween night of 1998, she was my first car and my first love.  Roxy wasn't the best equipped of the IROC's but she was quick enough for a while.  She had 96,000 original miles on her Tuned-Port-Injected 305, and was pretty as a picture.  I must have washed and waxed her at least twice a week.  As time went on, I got a job at a local parts store and from there Roxy and I became very intimate.  My first purchase was a set of K&N high flow filters (Mine was equipped with the dual snorkel induction) and a set of Delco Rapid Fire spark plugs.  Still wasn't satisfied.  Tax time came around and when I got my refund I purchased the stage 2 performance chip and the mandatory 160 degree thermostat and spent the weekend installing both.  Keep in mind I'm only 19 at the time and I care more for this car than cruising the girls.  The chip and throttle-body air-foil did the trick.  No more shutting down on the interstate at 125 mph.  Roxy would finally run.  The 145 mph speedometer would finally peg out and with the 700R4 transmission left plenty of R's to spare.  I only got crazy in her two or three times, once was with several police cars on my tail, but they never caught me, (that night).  I never would have dreamed that I would have gotten such awesome perfomance from a 5 liter motor, especially after what I'd heard around the parts store.  Some even went as far as to compare the 305 to the turdy 307's back in the day.  Some people are stupid.  To make a long story short, I had the car of my dreams.  But the car of my dreams would ultimately become part of my worst nightmare.  I was very anal about my car.  I would let no-one drive it, not even my mom, who refused to drive it because it was too fast she said.  Well, I got into some trouble over a car stereo I purchased from a guy which turned out to be stolen, again I was only a stupid kid at the time and had to sit out some time in county jail.  Naturally I couldn't take my car with me, so it sat at home.  My brother who had been told he could NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES drive my car decided to take it for a joy ride one day and that was the end of Roxy.  She was destroyed and he walked away without a scratch.  It was a real good thing I was already in jail when it happened.  After I found out he was okay my first instinct was to kill him for destroying my beautiful car.  Time heals all wounds my @$$, I'm still bitter about the whole deal.  But anyway man, that's my story.  I'm looking for another IROC, but they are getting harder and harder to find.  Thanks for your time and thanks for the awesome website, it's on my favorites list.  Tace care and see ya around.
Dave Walker
4/7/02 The Italian Stallion writes: 

It was this past summer that my love for the Iroc-Z began. My dad needed a station car, and turning 16 in a year, I wanted him to get something decent he could give to me. I was always a camaro fan, and for what we could afford a 3rd gen was the best bet. So I harassed my dad for a good 3 months looking in the paper for good deals, and making him drive to look at them. Of course I would not settle for an RS, and about every Iroc we looked at was beat to hell or near death. Except for was a black 88 with a 305 and 5 speed. The interior was mint, and the paint still had a shine, I loved it. The owner started it up.... I loved it more. On the way home my dad shattered my dreams in telling me that the guy refused his offer. I was heartbroken. Until one summer morning...July 22nd around 11 30 I was just finishing mowing the lawn when a black Iroc drove past my house. I tried not to stare in jealousy but I couldn't help it, then after my moment of day dreaming I went back to work. about a minute later the same car pulls up in front of my house, the tinted window rolls down,  and there is my dad..."get in" he says. I couldn't believe it, I finally had my Iroc. It was the best day of my life. Since then I  upgraded to z-rated tires, installed a brand new Flowmaster exhaust system, put in K&N air filters, and took out the MAF sensor screens. She has a hell of a punch now. I love this site and I love Iroc-Z's

3/24/02 Matt P. writes:

I found your web site shortly after I bought my ROC, in the summer of 2000. I got a great deal from a family friend on a 89, with a 350 It was beautiful !  Bright credit's, it was mint. The only mod I made was a bola  cat-back. Everybody in my home town of West Springfield Mass was envious. She was my baby. But on July 15, 2001, became a day that would live in infamy. Driving home at around 5:30pm, my friend and I started screwing around, I punched it and went to pass him but when I swerved to avoid him I lost control. The ass end blew sideways and shot me back across the other side of the road. I skidded about 250 feet sideways. I was going about 70. My front end caught a tree just in front of my steering column, and broke the car in half just in front of my legs. As you can see in the pics, she wrapped right around the tree. I woke up on the lawn in serious condition, watching my baby burn. I was rushed to the hospital where they found that I broke my left tib/fib, right ankle, back, and pelvis. I also tore multiple ligaments in my right knee. I spent two months in the hospital and just ended physical therapy in January. I have god to thank, and a few ortho surgeons, I have made a full recovery and have learned a valuable lesson the hard way. I was charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and still awaiting trial. But I'm alive and that's what counts. I hope to ride again, but with more respect of these amazing machines. I would appreciate it if you would share these pics with the IROC-Z  community and my story if you wish.

                                                                                  Thank You
                                                                                  Matt P.

3/24/02 Leslie Miranda writes:

Well hi my name is Leslie Miranda and I live in Kentucky. for starters just let me say I live your site. well back in June of 01 I got with my husband and he had just bought a IROC. he was really excited about having it and I couldn't understand why. b/c in the past he has owned an 88 bronze Iroc Z. well he went out and bought me an 88 RS. I loved this car it was great. well I got rid of it and started to drive his IROC. and once I got behind the wheel and felt the HP I fell in love. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love this car and I can honestly say I would tell anyone who wanted to know what kind of car to buy it would be an IROC-Z!!!! well I just wanted to share my story with ya. I'm getting some pics of it soon and will post them on your site!!!

Much Love To The Irocs
Leslie Miranda 

3/24/02 Wayne Westfall writes:
Hey, I have a great story, I am only 18 and I got my 1986 IROC-Z28 mint cond, w/ 21,000 orig. miles, every option possible for that year, lowered 2 inches, louvers, black, when I was 17 for my graduation gift from my mom, she wanted to motivate me, b/c I was really far behind in my schoolwork, and it's definitely working, I am now catching up very fast, and I will graduate this year,  My mom actually loves this car also.  The only person that doesn't understand the absolute awesomeness of this car is my girlfriend, but that's all I have to say about her!  All I can say about this car is, I have watched the IROC-Z camaros since I was in grade school!! The very first time I saw one was in second grade, and I fell in love with it at that exact moment, I couldn't get over the body style, the sound, everything about it.  I have almost fallen alseep in it listening to the engine many, many times.  well, I am so glad there is a website out there where I can go, and share my obsession with the IROCs with other IROC lovers!!!
3/10/02 Kim Johnson writes:

Hi Jeff,  My name is Kim and I'm from Sioux Falls SD. I have an 89 Iroc-Z that I have had since 1992. I LOVE it!!!  It's a red hard top with a 305 Tune port automatic. When I was 16 I traded it in for a lebaron convertible. 1 year later I bought it back and haven't been able to part with it since. I drove it for 9 years, in the summer and the winter. In the winter I would put sand in the trunk and studded snow tires on it. It was not fun to get around in when there was 6 inches of snow. I kind of plowed the snow with my nose.

I recently bought a GMC Yukon so now my baby can rest in the winter. She is pink from the sun and has 140,000 miles on her but she still runs like a top!!!  Someday I will rebuild her to her original state.  We also have another 89 Iroc-Z that is cinnamon red. It has the 350 and t-tops. That is a fun car too. But it is really Cherry so we don't mess around with it much. It is really something to see them sit side by side. Someday I'll get you a picture.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Happy motoring. Red IROC-Z

3/3/02 Whitney Long writes:

"My brother got a car." "Oh yeah, what is it?" "An IROC-Z camaro." "...a what?" "An IROC-Z!" "What the hell is that?"

It astonishes me that I was once so ignorant and uneducated towards the most awesome vehicle ever made. But hey, everyone's got to start somewhere, and my love affair with the IROC started that fateful day when my friend Sarah was telling me about her brother's new ride.
After I had actually seen his IROC, which was a pretty sweet black '88 with a 5.0 in it, I knew there was something special about those cars.
One day, I saw a yellow one sitting in a parking lot. That was my defining moment. I was hooked. Turns out it belongs to some kid who goes to my high school...I briefly considered asking him on a date so I'd get to ride in his car, but I guess that would be a little too diabolical, hash.
All throughout the summer, I would absolutely freak out every time I passed an IROC on the street. Everyone I knew got increasingly sick of me rambling on about IROCs 24/7, and in retrospect, I guess I was a little out of control; but what can I say, I was in love. Central PA's a decent sized area, and it has it's fare share of them. I would always say to myself, "Someday, Whitney, you're gonna have an IROC rather than all of those ones combined..."
After months of checking the newspaper classifieds and browsing through the auto locators, my dream finally came true. My dad came home the other day and said "Hey Whit, there's something down on the steps for you..." I walked downstairs and found a small octagonal shaped box with a bow around it. Perplexed, I lifted the lid to find a car key. After letting out a pretty stupid gasp, I lifted the key out of the box and read the little dealer tag on the key that read "89 BLACK IROC." Needless to say, I flew out the garage door.
Before me stood (parked?) my destiny..well, maybe not, but there certainly was one hell of a car right in front of my very eyes. I fixated my gaze upon the shiny black car with a pretty blue trim around it. After standing there dumbstruck for a few moments, I ran to it and hopped into the drivers seat. Then I looked at the odometer...24,051 miles?!?! Talk about low least I know it'll last me for quite some time.
After that, I babbled on mindlessly for a few minutes. This is my car. MY CAR! It was too much to comprehend. At that point, my dad climbed into the passenger side and gave me the lo-down on what I was sitting stated before, it's an '89. Also included was an automatic transmission, power everything, and a corvette 350 engine to boot...I'll admit, that's a lot of power. Putting that kind of muscle into the hands of a 16 year old is pretty risky, but I'm certainly glad my parents opted to do so.
As of this writing, I've had my car for exactly one week. Besides going to school and eating the occasional meal, I have done absolutely nothing but sit in that car. He's my baby, and I even gave him a moniker..Adrock. Adrock the IROC. I think it's a nice touch.
Great car. Great great great car. I plan to keep him in this impeccable condition forever and give him to one of my sons someday. And if I don't have any sons? Well, lets hope that my daughter becomes an IROC freak, just like her mom did way back when...
3/2/02 Chris from Herndon Virginia writes:

Hey jeff great story.  My name is Chris Millspaugh.  I live in Herndon Va.  My story starts out in 1992 when my dad bought a 92 z28 white with red stripes i loved it.  Well the sad day came when he got rid of it, i almost cried.  Then my dream came true in early 98 when  i was 17.  I finally saved enough money to buy my first Iroc.  It was an 86 black Iroc with a 305 carburated.  I loved it she was my baby.  I am gonna send you pics of her as soon as i get my scanner fixed.  I had the car for a little less than a year and on Oct. 24 of 98  some old guy decided to hit me and i hit two telephone poles.  Well needless to say i was more upset about the car then i was about my injuries.  So after i got the money from his insurance company I decided to buy another one, but i could not find one at all.  So instead i bought a  1987 gta with a 350 tpi.  Which is another fine piece of american
automotive technology, but i was never as happy with her as i was with the iroc. Even though it was alot faster.  Anyway i just sold her to a buddy of mine for $1500.00 which was a steal for him.  For some ungodly reason i bought a 2001 ford explorer.  But now i have finally found my dream car which i am buying tomorrow.  It is a 1988 maroon Iroc with gray leather interior, it has 63,000 original miles on it.  I am buying her for $3000.00  which i think is a steal.  She needs a paint job,but other than that it is perfect  it has a 350 tpi with a 3.27:1 rear  which i believe is a borg warner.  But i finally
got my baby back.......    Thanks for a great site Chris

3/2/02 Josh from Oklahoma City writes:

Hey! My name is Josh, I live outside of Oklahoma City, OKLA. I'm 24 and born and raised diehard Chevy fan. I remember growing up in Kansas City, and my step father bringing me to the dealership and while he was drooling over a brand new Monte Carlo SS, My eyes were glued to a brand spanking new IROCZ28 Camaro. After persistent begging and pleading for
him to buy the IROC, he ended up buying the Monte SS,{ Which I have to say turned out to be a great car} But I knew from that point on I had to have an IROC-Z someday. Years past and finally in the start of the new millennium, I finally got my hands on one. My pride and joy is a 1986 IROCZ28 Camaro, It's 305 4bbl, 4wthOD auto tranny, T-TOPS, and all kinds of modifications, I bought it for $3000, it had just had the motor bored, machined and rebuilt, and had just hot a jet black skin sprayed. The IROC emblems were put back on, but they were absent minded enough to forget the stripes around the ground effects and plus all the Z28 logos were neglected as well. someone also swapped wheels, so it lacked the IROC Appearance by far, asides the IROC decal along the side of the door. My first impression was that someone had taken a normal Z28 and tried to pass it as an IROC, so I went home, got on the computer to check the VIN, and low and behold it was a real one, the next day I went back and
bought it and since then I realized there is no other car I would want besides the IROC-Z Camaro. I was going to put it back to it's original state, but then I thought no, I'd rather personalize it to me. I mean god knows I'm never giving up my baby, so what do I care what it's worth to anyone else. So far all I've done is placed my own style pin stripe around the ground effects, swapped out the hood scoops from a 92" 25th anniversary Z28, loaded the engine compartment up with some edelbrock
goodies, loaded up a killer sound system, and added some flowmaster rumble to the exhaust, also some custom fog lamps, and bowtie emblems,{I do however wish to retrieve some 16"" IROC rims, as well as the rear hatchback, which was switched before I bought it.}  and that's my long story of my IROC fetish, still some things I would like to do, and will in due time.

3/2/02 Jason Jensen from Middletown Ohio.

I have an 89 iroc-z with t-tops and a few mods.  Well, a couple of months ago, I was cruising my local "racing strip" when I pulled up to a light. My car was in need of some work at the time, new brakes, struts, tires, a rim(all of which have been fixed) and a late model Lexus GS300 pulled up next to me with a bunch of punks.  The were admiring my car when they looked over at me and asked me to run.  I said ok.  We were at the wrong end of the strip so we made our way to the other end of the strip.  At a light before the other end, they pulled back up, and they asked me if I was running any bottle.  I told them no, because I wasn't.  They since I wasn't then they wouldn't run theirs(I was think why would anyone run nitrous on a Lexus)  Well, we got to the other end, and lined up.  We went on 3 and on the start I pulled a half car length on him, then he flipped on his nos, after he did that, he pulled a quarter car length on me.  As soon as I shifted into second, I left him standing, nitrous and all.  The whole time we were racing, they were videotaping it, but after I whipped them, they wouldn't even talk to me.
2/27/02 - Ceaser from El Paso Texas Writes:

Hey there Jeff, my name is Cesar from El Paso, TX.  First of all I have to tell you that you have a very nice web-site.  Well, I'm just e-mailing you to tell you my story about my IROC-Z.  I don't have any pictures to send you yet, I will later on, but I'm just so proud of my baby that I just have to tell you about it.  I bought my car around December of '98, I had barely graduated from high school that May.  I finally got a job that lasted more than a month, so I went looking for the car that had been on my mind since the 80's.  Finally found it and fell in love with it, 305 tpi, red, well actually the dealer already had painted it so it didn't have any emblems or anything, but I knew that I had to cry to my dad to put it under his name since I didn't have any credit.  Also, I had to cry some more because he didn't want me to pay $4000 for it, I personally didn't care how much I needed to spend.  It was burning oil, it had a lot of bad sensors, well he told me that that car wasn't even worth $1000.  Finally, the begging worked.  Man, I felt like the king of the world driving it, well, '99, 2000 passed and my baby was starting to get sick.  In 2001 I was actually planning to sell it, thank God I didn't, I was going to buy a brand new firehawk, but all of my friends made me reconsider.  So the money I had saved for the new car started to go to a mechanic.  All I had planned was a simple overhaul and brand new wiring.  I went crazy, and started ordering stuff for it.  Well I ended up spending $3500 on the engine, and oh man that is one bad ass 305.  I mean it's not cheap or expensive, I know other people have wasted more money on their engines.  He worked on the transmission also, like a brand new 700R4, headers, 2 1/2 inch pipe going to the flowmaster with chrome tips.  Well, I thought that was it, but I noticed the paint wasn't looking any better, I went with torch red, looks nice.  Bought all the emblems, stickers that go on the doors, except for the Z-28 that goes on the back bumper, dealer don't have it.  I was excited, until I started hearing all these cars with their loud radios and stuff, so I went to audio express and got myself a $3000 sound system for it, sounds nice.  I'll tell you one thing, my "EX" girlfriend was buying the dinner every weekend, all my money was going to my car.  Wonder why she left me? Ha.  Then I noticed the wheels weren't looking too good also, so I went I got myself a set of 18 inch chrome IROC-Z wheels, with low profile tires.  Man, my car gets a whole lot of attention.  Just today, my mechanic finished installing the Vortec supercharger pushing 10 lbs. and son of a monkeys left nipple, if there was anything happening on the streets right now I would be cruising, but I guess I have to wait until Sunday.  Next week I'm planning to get those 24 lb. injectors and a bigger throtle body.  Man I am so freaking excited.  I'm going to send you those pictures later on like I said, because maybe you won't believe me, anybody can talk big, but seeing is believing.

2/26/02 - FashionFreak writes:

I have an awesome story that I figured I share with you since you know so much about Iroc camaros. Back about a year ago I had a z28 camaro but always dreamed of an Iroc. I ended up selling my 86 z28 and ended up with a Celica. Anyway to make a long story short I drove down a little back street to work for 2 months and every day I drove by there would be this sweet IROC parked outside under a tree and finally after 2  months I decided to go and ask if it was for sale and the guy wasn't their but I stopped by the next day and low and behold it was and guess for how much!!???  the guy only wanted $700 for this dream machine. Its was 1986 Iroc-Z  with 97,174 miles and has every single option  available for that year including auto day/night mirror pwr. ant driver seat t-tops and an ok cust wood int. and the only mod it as are flow mast. k&n and the fact G92. Anyway email me back because the only problem is that it sat for two years and now I can't find any one to help me fix it with out suckering me. So if you can write me back and tell me what you think

2/23/02 - IROC-Z Found in a Drained Lake?

I recently bought 150+ acres of land, I just viewed the land and it was all dead land but what caught my eye was that a bunch of trees were still living. I checked it out and in the center of all those trees was a pond about 20Ft. deep and over the next few weeks I was wanting to turn it in to a pool so I called some people to come drain it, When they did I couldn't believe my eyes! there were 5 cars and one truck they are a: 1985 Chevrolet iroc-z,1975 VW beetle, 1991 camaro,1991 ford explorer(chopped into a truck),1967 shelby GT 500 and the last car looks like a 80's trans am(not sure). I am currently rebuilding the 1985 Iroc Z and the GT 500, I am almost finished with the camaro. for any further detail you can e-mail me, D' Marco
Lawton,, ok USA - Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 22:32:20 (EST)

6/2/01 Branden Spencer from Wichita Kansas writes: 

Okay, so I admit I like IROCs more than I should. This is my 3rd Camaro and 2nd IROC at 29 years of age. It is a 1987 350 TPI (the blue IROC) and I bought it about three years ago with 64k miles on it for $5800. Now, that is a little more than I wanted to spend, but I figured with new tires, struts, shocks, brake pads, brake cable, and exhaust, I couldn't lose. And I have not lost. I have been slowly fixing small things on the car, such as weak hatch shocks, broken washer pump, etc., and now I can say that everything works perfect on this car. The car has 80k on the odometer now and the only thing I have had to do is change the calipers. Like most 1980's GM cars with blue paint, it is time for a quality $3000.00 paint job, and I am debating this. I really like this body style so much more than the the 4th generation Camaros. If only these IROCs had that 4th generation factory performance it would be complete! However, with another $2000 worth of exhaust and ignition modifications, I could beat more than a few of them. Can I afford this? Not really, but I am going to try (just don't tell my wife).

Thanks, Jeff.

4/21/01 Adam May from Richmond, BC, Canada writes:

  I know what you mean when you say they're addictive. I went for a ride in my friend's dads 85 Camaro, with iroc wheels and suspension and a 5spd, when I was 12 and I've been hooked ever since. I had a 65 Mustang as my first car and was slowly restoring it when I came across my first Iroc. I was 16 at the time and had just got my licance. It belonged to a friend of a fellow co-worker at the golfcourse that I was working at. It was an 88 Black Iroc with tan interior. It was originally equipped with a 305TPI auto but had recently swapped in a 92 LT1 out of a written off corvette. The car was professionally lowered and had all new suspension parts. It also had a set of BFG Comp TAs on it which still had the knobbys on them. Upon close inspection, I found that it was equipped with Baer disk breaks front and rear (I had no idea what these were at the time). Finally, the car had been in a hail storm and had all of the paperwork to have a new painjob and all new body pannels. These factors offset the fact that the car had 252 000 kms on it. Needless to say, I borrowed the money off my parents and paid the guy $4000 for the car. The first upgrade that I planned on doing was installing a richmond 6 spd. I had ordered all of the parts that I needed and picked up most of them, when the unthinkable happened. I let my friend use my car to pick up the clutch assembly that I needed while I was at work. I got a phone call 30mins later saying my car was involved in an accident. My friend had made a left turn in front of a 79LTD doing 80km/h. The car was badly damaged and when I went to put the t-top back on and it wouldn't fit, I knew the car was written off, after owning it for only 3 1/2 months. The insurance company gave me $6600 for the car and I began my search for another. It took me a year to find my new baby, but man what a find. I was driving down a road near my house and I saw a blue iroc sitting on the side of the road. I turned around and went back to look at it. Blue 87 with black interior, 305 5spd with 82 000 kms on it. Looked at the price, $8400 obo. I loved this car so much that I drove to school a different way every day just to look at it. Finally I called the owner and set up an appointment to look at it. I found that he was the original owner and had bought the car at the dealership near my house. I also found out that he had worked for the dealership at the time that he ordered the car and had placed a special order to get a lumpier cam, 22lb/hr injectors and a stock 3" exhaust system. The car had been left completely stock and only driven in the summer for the first 5 years of it's life and then stored in a heated garage for the rest. It was so original that it still had the original tires. I knew that this was the car for me, so I borrowed the remaining $2000 that I needed for purchase and taxes and drove the car home. Three years have passed now and the car has 125 000 kms on it and is still stored in a heated garage in the winter. Last summer I ran the car down the track and ran a 14.21 @ 96.1 MPH, completely stock. Over this last winter I have added a custom exhaust system, custom ram-air system, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, ported and polished the intake and added a set of Crane Narrow Body Gold Race 1.6:1 Roller Rockers. So far I have ran a 13.96 on a g-tech with that setup. I have also installed a 100-150hp NOS wet shot system and used it once so far and ran a 13.41 @ 113.1 on a g-tech... and I know I can do much better than these times. 5.0s don't stand a chance.

2/23/01 Rick Thomas writes:
     Well, I got a story, but no way to put pics up.  So here we go.  I am now 20 years old and have had my IROC for about 6 months now and it is true that it only take one ride to make you a believer.  My buddy had bought one and paid $3000 for the car.  To me he paid way to much for the car, but like must young kids we all made mistakes.  The interior of the car was and still in shambles and by looking at the car it looks like some "RickyRacers" owned it before my buddy got a hold of the wonderful 1987 Iroc-z 305 5-speed car, and to put it mildly my friend did not give the car the respect it deserved, his repairs always left a little to be desired.
     I had my eye on the car ever since he had brought it up that he had it, and I was dying to take a ride in it, but it still needed a fule pump for it's full potential.  So I waited, and waited.  At this time I was working at a Ford dealership being a lube jocky and worked with a gentlemen who owned a 93 5.0 Rustang, I drove it a couple of time and yes I will admit I was impressed, but I am and always will be a Chevy fan, but I do respect and admire all make of hot cars except for imports!!!  Well finally came the time where the Iroc-z was ready to go.  So I helped my bud get it ready for my maiden voyage with my first experience in an Iroc.  When my friend first hit the throttle and that immediate engine response I was still skeptical because of my ride in the rustang, but the was laid to rest when we got on the open road, I had almost wet my self with the powers of the lovely camaro I knew right then that I had to have one.  So for the next three months I kept pestering my friend to make me a deal, but to no avail he was not going to give it up.  
     A few months of this had passed and one morning as I was getting ready to leave for school my friend shows up at my door with bad news, "Dude my car has been stolen."  I was sad because a car that I had fallen in love with was gone.  Luckily the car was recovered and the thieves were only joy riders.  They did their damage though,  busted the column out, took the radio & t-tops, and also busted out the hatch back lock.  Well by this time my friend had lost all interest in the car due to its high profile and he started to talk deals with me.  The damage to the car was bad but not irreversable so I got the car with 140,000, regular Z-28 wheels, and bald tire for $1500.  Since that time and now my income has doubled and so has the money I spend on my car.  I have replaced the t-tops, installed a new ignition system, replaced the column, and put new risers on the hatchback.  I am currently tracking down a set of Iroc wheels, headliner, and some interior body panels.
    I love my car and would get rid of it for the world.  And once again all it takes is just one ride in these magnificent cars to realize just the powers that they posess.  I like to call them the beauty and the beast of the automobile world.  Their sleek and wonderful car to look at and admire, but on the track they are animals!!!!!!!
2/3/01 Savario Ratta writes:

In 1987 I was in my second year of college, I didn't have much money and I was driving around in a 1980 Olds cutlass.  There was something about that IROC that was haunting my brain, I went to the dealership many times to look at them,  Most were beyond what I could afford, I really couldn't afford any of them I was only making $60.00 a week working part time at Radio Shack,  But I convinced myself to order one anyway in June of 1987 with the options I really had to have,  I ordered it with the 350 TPI, the performance real axle, 4 wheel disk brakes,  cloth interior, AC, and rear window defrost.  The car was delivered to me in August of 1987,  Total cost was about $15,300.  I couldn't wait to get it home an show it off.  I became so meticulous with the car,  I never drove it to school (it was in Boston MA) I never took it out to the malls or shopping,  Never came out in the snow,  It was out 1 time when it rained.  I had sold my cutlass to put a down payment for the IROC,  I ended up driving around in a $150 chevette to preserve my IROC.  The car now has 19,000 original miles, and looks better now then the day I picked it up from the dealership.  It is still all original, I only added a stereo system, K&N air filters and the Air Foil.  Oil has been changed every 1000 miles,  The car has been garaged every day of it's existence, No dry rot on any rubber. It has been away from the UV ray's of the SUN. The only thing I wish I had done differently is to have ordered it with every option,  But back
then, times were tough, I consider myself lucky to still have it in mint condition.


2/2/01 Brandon writes:

Irocs what a car that can tell a story, So here's mine. In 1995 my cousin purchased his second camero.The first one he had was a 1983 Camaro with your little was your basic camaro,,nothing special, had a nice teal green paint job rims,, lowered,,,the first month he got it he threw a rod straight through the pan...that motor was toast..So we put in another one,, oh boy my first experience putting in a motor..So it's back running, and a year down the road it's thrashed even worse,, so he sold it...Then 1995 he had a good job union carpenter,,, he found this awesome I mean awesome 1988 Iroc Z T-tops,,, the works...he bought it in 1995 he paid 23,000... and for that price he got a car no one has ever seen or even heard of he had top of the line,,,the used car dealer,,the owner said he bought it at a drug seized auction,, the previous owners went to prison, for drug running,,,they pumped the car up too out run the feds.. and it had more chips than a bag of nacho's.. they put in a high performance 400 small block,, and had the Tpi enlarged,,and don't for get the nacho's,,,they also built the tranny up to a Nascars tranny,,that cost over 6,000 to have built,, So he paid 6 grand for that the dealer told him, and 8,000 for the motor,, and the rest in paint and the system and tax lic.. and all that good stuff,,,, So off to the races...jumps on the freeway ramp heading home,,, before he way out in the lanes car hit already 110 mph...and car doesn't kick into over drive till 85 mph..then drops back to 1500 rpms...from there it's all open will get it on...the first weekend he went to the races where our cousin was racing stock races on the ol' dirt track.. he comes back to the car and he seen the t-top off and he just laughed. it was sitting on the ground,,he walked up open the door,, it was gone the whole system the speakers,, every thing the amps...cross over,,,every thing. alarm was cut,,, with one or two wires,,,they where pro's...and done it quick...So he went and found security,, and this lady came and took a report called the sheriff,,they come out and took finger prints..and the car was good for prints it took them very well, He was talking with this security chick all night... got her number and they went out,,, and months down the road they got married,,,if it wasn't for the car and the crooks they wouldn't have meet,, weird how your true love could show up cause your stereo got stolen.. So there still married my cousin worked for there security company part time helping them out,, he worked allot of  events..peope really liked the car,, allot of corvette owners where amazed that they didn't have a chance to race cause there cars couldn't take it,,, they said they wouldn't even try,,, the car just sitting there looked to mean,,, with flames on it,, 24 kt gold striping and sterling silver. The car was hot rodded every where it went for 3 years never let us down,, burned rubber every where it turned,,he pushed the car to the limit. sure was built for speed, looks and long distances at over 110 mph,,and would not give out and would stay cool...There was a time where my lil Supra broke down, and I had the car for a week taking it to work. I was at a stop sign gonna turn left and I wanted to just punch it and burn rubber all the way across the street,,, so I just nailed it and it started to turn a lil but it shot out there so fast it didn't turn enough,, I come almost right into the curb and almost to a telephone pole,,, I let off the gas,,, the left wheel was off the ground the car was twisted,, from all the torque.. so I got out of it and straighten up,, and coasted around the block,, went to park it,, I get out of the car,, and walk up and down it saying why did you do that for,,, I was scared to death,,,my butt cheeks where stuck to the seats,,,i about pissed my pants,,,I was scared shaking,, and didn't want to drive that car home... it was like my wish that I didn't want...later that night,,im sitting in the car just watching,,, that was my job... a guy comes up says hey this is a nice car,,,can I see the motor,, so I pop the hood,, and he goes god I wish I had a motor like that,, I told him what it had,,,and he goes man you sure could wipe up a lot of pinks in that.. I go yeah.. he goes theres this kid right up the street that would race you in a lil Nova,, and he thinks he's all that,, and he would run... I go nah it aint worth it,,,Not telling him I was scared to death in the car and almost killed myself...And her come the kid in his Nova passing by,, burning his tires,, I just laughed,,,car wasn't even worth paying it to be towed home,, well it woulda but,,know way was I going to be taking a car home,, and telling a story to my cousin that I raced his car,,,for titles,,he woulda chewed me out..but he knows there wasn't a car with in a thousand miles that would touch his car,,So the next day I was sure to fix my lil.. supra with a straight 6 with DOHC.. that was enough power for me..another year goes bye.. my cousin gives up on the car,, the inside was starting to fall apart..was getting rough,,, he bought a Z-71 extra cab... and let his roomate,,, that was living with him and his wife,,, he was like family,, drive the car for about a year..after that year.. the car had about 160,000 miles on it.. inside was way rough..paint has a few chips,, from kids throwing rocks over the train tracks. Then the guy bought him self a lil car a Z, I think and the car just sit there in the yard.. and my cousin calls me up and says he going to sell it... and I said NO. I will buy it.. So he sold it to me for 1,700..the motor is still strong as an ox.. and the body doesn't have one dint,,and it needs allot of inside work,, and suspension redone,, shocks etc,,So now the car sits getting restored back to shape... I went over a thousand miles to pick it up with a truck and trailer,, the tranny was out,,,So I took it to a high performance tranny shop called TS,,Specialist.. they said yep high performance tranny in there,,gonna cost 250 to get your gears back shifting,,it just had first gear and reverse,,,I drove the car 5 miles like that.. just punched it got up to 50 mph real fast and let of the gas,,and it barely hit 5,000 rpms,,,,so they did a governor on it serviced the oil and such and it's now working,,, they say in time they want to do a valve body check on it,,,might need one in time... but it's moving,,,car has 188,000 miles on it and who knows how many on that motor could be about only 100,000... cause it's still strong...needs a valve job smokes when you start it for a few seconds,,, from the oil going down into the exhaust,,,it's going to cost 6 grand to get it all back in shape and looking new again.. and that's should include paint I hope..and the motor refreshed,,i think when I have the motor redone im going to go with gear drive...all the way...and add a lot more high performance toys,,,Just hard to belive I bought the car that scared the living hell out of me,,, and I thought I never drive it again...for more than a week... every one says im going to kill my self in it,,, but Im not going to be doing any speeding any time soon,, probably never still got that thought in my mind,,well that's it.. if I wasn't so tired I woulda wrote a better story,,,damm I must of been bored to write all this, I more less enjoy reading them than writing...So stay safe and keep those Irocs out there,,, would be nice if they stared making some more,,,same style and a few upgrades,,, and by the way site is very nice I like it good work.. best I seen.. A lot put into it.

1/27/01 Barry Burnside II, Northfiled, VT writes:

Hey Jeff, I just looked through your site. Very nice. I decided to write to you when I read "My Story". We have identical passions in this car. I was reading the section where you talk about driving and switching lanes at 90. It gave me chills, cause I know that feeling. I also know the feeling of having to sell the car, and the remorse inselling it afterward even two years later as I have now. I have enclosed a pic of my Iroc that I had to sell in 98. It was my third Iroc. It s 90 ragtop.  I owned when I was stationed in Jax Fl. I used to be at a light and guys in the fourth generation Zs and TAs (also with ragtops) would pull up next to me and would not rev there engine or try to race,they just gave me the thumbs up. Once even a new C5 owner gave me a compliment at the light. It gives me chills just to write that. I am 32 years old and I feel like an 18 year old when I talk about it. God do I miss it. I had a daughter and sold it. AM driving a P.O.S. Jeep wrangler now. Anyway, I wrote to ask you two questions: (1) Is there anyway I can help you with your site. I dont know how I would be able to help but, I would love to be involved somehow. I know they are a lot of work, and would love to help if you need it. (2) I am on a mission to get another 90 Iroc ragtop. I know they made 1200 of them so this will not happen overnight. I dont care about condition, just not rusty. If you could somehow keep my email address and if you come across one let me know I would really appreciate it. I will at least be a frequent visitor to your site so, I hope we can corespond that way if nothing else. Again, great site man. Ive got the itch again. IROC-Z BABY!

1/14/01 Lendon Marshall from Pine Bush, NY writes:

My story is one that goes back to childhood, at the age of 7 my aunt had a beautiful blue 86 IROC, that's when my Z dreams began. I remember riding in the roc and the thrill and excitement that the racecar like animal gave to me, it is definitely one of my best memories as a child. it was the ultimate toy that I craved for, I craved for it until last year at the age of 20 when I sold my 87 camaro with the 305 and a 4-barrell(a great car) for $3,000 and picked up an 86 yellow Z that an older gentleman had for sale in the local paper. I drove to his house not knowing what I would find, I had seen alot of camaros that people had for sale and they had seen better days, but somehow I knew this was different. I pulled down the long driveway and came around to his house where she was, she stood out against the green of the grass like the sun on a clear day. she had gold lace aftermarket rims that look exactly like the gta wheels! ,but are better because they were ! 16 by 9 and you could rotate them anyway you like. at first I wasn't too keen on yellow because I wasn't looking for it, my prior camaro was black, but she was too stunning to pass up. I bought her the next day after my father checked her over with his better trained eye then mine and told me without hesitation to buy her. My father is a devoted mustang/ford lover but he surprisingly thinks my IROC is one of the nicest cars he has ever seen. the first week I had her she won a trophy at the orange county car show where I live just planned to cruise to the car show but the guy at the gate assured me I would win a trophy because it was the only yellow Z there and it was rare(probably only around 500 left).she is a real head turner and is always making my girlfriend jealous at the time I spend on her and I think she is jealous because my car turns more heads then her (ha-ha).the car has never let me down and I couldn't think of owning anything else, at 120mph my life is in her hands and ! She is in mine. she is in a heated ! Garage for the winter, I start her up weekly and detail her too, I want her to look like yellow glass when she comes out this spring, hopefully I will have her bumped up an extra 50 to 60 hp so she takes out mustangs with more ease and makes little rice burners even smaller dots in my rear view mirrors. if you get out to pine bush during spring or summer or go to the Middletown car show on 211 Friday nights you might see a yellow Z, you cant miss it. take care of your Z and she will take care of you, the legendary IROC lives on in a new generation and will live on for many years to come. Oh, and by the way, her name is cammi, see you at the shows and 'roc on.     

1/14/01 John Glenn from Burlington County NJ writes:

My name is John Glenn from Burlington County New Jersey. My story started when I was a junior in high school.  I used to own a 1988 mercury tracer, which my Mom had given to me, but I was looking for a new car.  I thought the car that I wanted was Nissan 300zx because my friends sister owned one, and he took me for a ride in it one day and I was so surprised at how fast the car was.  So, for a couple of months I went around searching for one, until one day my best friend brings his girlfriends 1987 iroc-z to school.  I had seen the car before and had been in for numerous rides, but after school this day he asked me if I wanted to drive it, I thought for a moment and then said sure. So we took the car out for a spin. I didn't get carried away or anything, but that day I fell in love.  I changed my mind and decided to look for an iroc instead of a 300(as I call it).  So my search began, and looked and looked and looked but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, I wanted an iroc-z with a/c, t-tops, power windows & door locks, cruise control and most importantly a  5 speed manual transmission (all these things I listed were in my best friends girlfriends 87 iroc).  Every time I called someone they had just sold it, I finally found one but he wanted more than I could afford.  So I went on my way, as upset as ever because I thought that was the one.  Then one day my best friend asked me if I would ever buy the iroc (his girlfriend's), if she ever put it up for sale, and I said yeah but I wasn't very excited because I didn't think he was going to let her sell it (which he had said on frequent occasions).  But he wanted a new mustang, but he couldn't get it because he didn't have the money, but if his girlfriend sold the car he could borrow the money from her.  So when she finally decided to sell I was all over it and with the car sold, my friend could get his mustang(ha), he also had to borrow a 1000 dollars from me, I shouldn't have given it to him to buy a mustang, but hey what are friends for.  I love my car and will own it for the rest of my life, I couldn't be happier, no car could ever replace my iroc.  

p. s. my screen name just happens to be AFRO IROC Z, so if any you guys or girls happen to see it just say hello and i would be honored to chat with some one who has enough sense to own an IROC

1/5/01 Mike Mikanowicz Leonardtown, Maryland writes:

  I am 17 now and have a gorgeous 1986 canary yellow IROC-Z in my driveway, but the story of how I got it is kinda cool, if not for the internet and my strong interest for camaros(IROCZs' in particular). It started last spring, I then owned a beautiful 88 RS hardtop, Red with gray ground effects and matching stripes and Iroc hood and taillights, anyways I was traveling along rt.235 and I saw a beautiful yellow camaro on a hill for sale, I immediately hit the breaks and pull a 180 to go see the car, I park my car next to it and get out to look at it, it was an IROC definitely, the paint job looked brand new, it had 16*8 rims off a 1989 IROC on it, it was loaded, t-tops, power everything, bose 8 speaker system, cruise, power seat, tilt, ac, pw, pl, cargo cover, I believe everything except the rear louvers, so the door was unlocked and I sat in it, the saddle interior was immaculate! I said to myself this would kick ass if I had this car), but eventually I had to get out and leave her, that was like may or April, I went on with my life,6 months went by, I never saw it again, I thought the guy had sold it. I had been thinking of selling my RS to finance the purchase of a t-top v8 camaro, really an IROC!!. So one day I am at, which I was referred to through this site:), and was browsing their classifieds section for Maryland, then I saw the ad for the yellow 86,I knew it had to be the same one, but he wanted 5500 in his ad, and I only would have like $4000,if I sold my car, so I put up a wanted ad for an IROC-Z on the same site, a few days later I get an email from the owner of the IROC!!I called him and he said he still had it for sale, and the day I sat in it was the only day he put it on the side of the road, a guy off the internet offered him $6500 for it, but his daughters didn't want him to sell it, so he didn't, but he now needed the money to finance the restoration of a 80t-top Z28 he had, me and my dad went to see it and I gave him $100 to hold it until I sold my car, I put up ads everywhere for my car, two buyers fell through, and I was losing hope and finally a dealership called me and said an employee wanted to look at it, his name was mike too! So he ended up buying it, the same day I sold mine and got the cash I bought the IROC-Z the same night, I was and still am in heaven, it is the car that escaped me 6 months ago, but now it is mine, so far I have put three inch exhaust with 40 series flowmaster and dual 3 1/2 tips on it and a pioneer cd player and new jensen and sony speakers all around, future plans call for paint buffing to make er like glass), window tinting and new tires, I plan on joining the air force after graduation and to never let this one go!!!If you have the means, I highly suggest to get an IROC-Z!!!!!!! ROC ON!!!!!!          

12/19/00 David writes:

I live in Louisiana. I work at a Lincoln dealer, and had a Harley. I could not get my kids entrusted in it even though it was my passion, so I decided to sell it and get a 90' or 91 mustang LX to get there attention. Sold the Harley, could not find a mustang that wasn't ragged out. While at work one day I noticed a red car being put on the lot .I walked to the car as the detail guy was getting out of it, and I said 'is this for the used car lot'? he said yes, I said give me the keys. It was a 90' red IROC,30,600 miles. I brought it in the shop, put it on the rack, and went over it front to back. Definitely a low mile car, but it made a sound like a rod knock?,,,,so I looked a little harder and found that the torque converter bolts were coming loose, that's why I bet they decided to trade it in. this was a one owner car] So I drove it, NICE, so I went over and asked how much? he said $4,400.I bought it, brought it home ,I couldn't peel my oldest off it. After a few mods,like a chip from hyper tech, under drive crank pulley, k&n air filter.3 chamber flow master, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and some other minor tuning, the car went low 13.80'sat 99.2 mph.8 mustangs, one which was a 97 cobra, with some mods similar to mine knows which side of my rear bumper has the IROC emblem. I noticed the cobra owner was HOT went he lost,4 car links at the top of 2nd gear, glad I bought the ROC,NOT A BRICK. By the way, not a daily driver, just a toy, and stays under cover on my car port 6 and a half days of the week, Saturday nights, I hunt mustangs, with 150 shot in my back pocket just in case which is good for mid 12's.Havn't needed it yet. I bet they say, those old camaros shouldn't run like that????.hope I didn't bore you, but dang I like this car. take care, David.

12/6/00 Chris Morris writes:

My story started in the beginning of June 2000, right before graduation time.  I didn't graduate, I got a GED but that's another story.  So my mom promised me a car for any high school degree and I knew before I got my GED exactly what I wanted.  Of course I wanted a 3rd Generation Camaro, and it was more than possible.  It took be about 4 weeks to find the right one, but it was well worth it.  I saw it on and knew from first site, that was THE car I wanted.  It was a 1987 305 H.O. IROC Automatic with 17" Alloy IROC rims with 125,000 miles on it (they run to around 180-200,000 apparently). An absolutely beautiful car.  It had a factory dual exhaust but it still barked like a Rottweiler.  I had the car for about 2 weeks (still no license) and it was only a couple days till prom, when I discovered a problem with the trunk's lock, which I'll explain in a moment.  I didn't think anything of it, but it wouldn't lock.  I figured "whatever, I'll get it fixed later.  No one will ever know".  So the night of prom finally arrived and I was so excited.  I still didn't have a license but so what, we had a limo hahaha.  I get to the prom, and prom sucked, more people were playing with exhibits than dancing, hahaha.  So on that not I wasn't too happy, but couldn't wait to get home and just sit in my IROC.  I get home and my friend drives past my house to make a U-Turn at the intersection.  I didn't really think to look for the car cause I figured it would be there but something just wasn't there.  I yelled "wait a minute, stop the car!!".  I hop out and run back to my house and an empty parking spot.  I broke down and cried (literally).  Called 911 and the police never found the car, probably went to a chop shop and isn't recognizable now. Story not over yet though, I then got the insurance money, so on and so forth and bought a Beautiful 85 IROC.  And for it to be an 85 IROC is amazing because those were extremely scarce, as you should know.  Its now had around 7000 dollars put into repair and upgrade.  The specs are: New Alternator, New Brake pads, New Yokohama performance tires and New 18' Chrome IROC rims, rebuilt transmission, New Flowmaster Exhaust (sounds like heaven to me), Performance chip and a $1200 1000 watt sound system.  I'm not done with it neither, but its extremely beautiful.  I'll get a picture up sometime soon and show you.  Thank you for listening to my story, and GREAT SITE.

11/23/00 Glen Haasdyk writes: 

In 1995 I was looking for a new car I owned a 1986 GMC half ton at the time and was beginning to find it boring. It was powered by the 160hp 6.2 liter diesel and I just wasn't using it as a truck any more. So I decided to browse the local lots and see what was out there. I'll tell you now I've always had a soft spot for camaros. I almost bought a 1979 Z-28 two years earlier but found out I couldn't fit in it (I'm 6' 9" !) Anyway I was driving though the local ford dealership when I saw 'The Car' It was a 1987 Iroc-z. 215 hp 305 TPI, 5-speed transmission, four-wheel discs and a borg-warner rear. I didn't really look at the last two options very much but the car just screamed "BUY ME!" I was back the next day with the down payment and picked it up a week later. It drove like a dream (when I put the correct tires on it) and these things corner like they're on rails. The car has no AC, no cruise, no power anything except for power windows. Later I learned that the car is equipped with what's called a G92 package which gave you the 305 TPI engine, 5-speed trans, borg-warner rear with 3.45 gears and 4-wheel disc brakes.

    About a year later I came out of my house to go to work and found that my car had been stolen overnight. It was found a day later in a parking lot. Stereo missing, my racing helmet missing, even the t-handle that I put on the shifter and just about everything else gone as well except my prescription sunglasses, but the thieves had tried them on. As well they had taken the car and a very hard 200 mile joyride and burned the clutch out and damaged the input shaft in the trans. Fortunately insurance covered everything and the car was put back together.

    Two years after that I was driving down one of the main roads here in town and a lady in a Hyundai came out of a parking lot in front of me and I t-boned her at 30km/h (about 20m/h) Again having good insurance was an asset and the car was rebuilt. All the front-end sheet metal was replace as well as everything from the front radiator mount forward. I also took pictures of the accident (I had my camera with me) and the complete rebuild. Every day after work I'd swing by the repair shop and take pictures of their progress.

    Since then I rebuilt the transmission again (this time properly and myself) upgrading it to T-5 world class standards (having a machine shop at your disposal helps) and helped the engine breath a little better with the help of K&N filters and a gutted Cat. My brother and I take the car out with the local corvette club and solo race it in a parking lot. It blows so of the vette owners away that we're running just as fast if not faster than they or over the same courses!

11/18/00 David Smith from Spartanburg, SC writes:

My story begins very sadly, about two years ago.  I was a teenager growing up in my parents house, needing a car.  I went through several cars, a Volkswagen, two thunderbirds, but something just wasn't right.  I was driving my second thunderbird when I decided one day to look for a new car.  I picked up the IWANNA classified paper and started looking.  I knew I wanted a performance car, something not too old, not too new.  I started looking at mustangs (what was I thinking), but couldn't find anything worthwhile (no surprise there), so I started looking a third-gen camaros.  I finally found a 88 Camaro with a 305 t.b.i.,  it was nice.  Good paint, $2,000 custom stereo, and chrome wheels.  It also had a 91 engine in it.  It was quick and ran great.  I loved it, the best part was he only wanted $4,000 for the car.  I had it for about 6 months when I was at work one day and a man was drunk and left his brand new 2000 Nissan Frontier in neutral and it rolled down a hill and into the side of my car.  I was hurt, but I decided to make my car better than ever.  Before I could do that a woman pulled out in front of my wife and I on the way home from work one morning and we slammed right into the side of her Honda at about 50 mph.  My car was demolished but it still ran.  Now we get to the good part ( I know it sounds bad).  The good part was the insurance company let me take the stereo out of the car (which took me 4 hours to remove everything), paid for a rental car for a whole month until I could get a new car, and paid me a little over $8,000 for my $4,000 dollar investment.  This is the really good part.  I started looking in the classified ads for a new car, I was kinda leaning towards a Iroc but I was going to get a camaro.  I found a 86 Iroc in the paper.  I arranged to go see it.  The car was original except for a fiberglass hood, which I haven't seen another one like it, it is the iroc cowl induction hood with smooth black panels where the louvers would go and Z28 badges on the side of the cowl.  It also had Flowmaster exhaust.  When I pulled up I was in love at first sight.  It was in perfect condition except the paint, he got caught in a hailstorm (no body damage, just paint;  thankfully).  He had known the car since it was new.  His best friend had ordered it in 1986 with every option available including the rear window louvers.  He had bought it from him about a year before I got a hold of it.  Both of them had kept regular maintenance on the engine in trans.  Oil changed, radiator flushed, etc.  He still had the original owners manual and window sticker.  The car cost a little over $18,000 new.  It came with the t.p.i. 305 with a 3.23 rear axle, power everything, but only a 85 mph speedo.  He wanted $4,300 for the car.  My jaw dropped, so much for so little.  I gave him a $300 deposit on the spot.  About two weeks later my insurance check came and I finally bought the car.  I have had it for almost a year now and have done a few cheap mods to it.  I cut the bottom of the air filter housing out in preparation for ram-air, removed maf screens, removed smog pump and hoses, catalytic converter, and even removed flowmaster muffler to run straight pipe.  About the only thing that will compete with the nice exhaust note is either my stereo or a harley.  I also run fully synthetic Mobil 1 5w30 oil.  I know the 1986 iroc is considered kind of a dog of the bunch when they put the shorter cam in it and reduced power to 190 hp from 215hp, but this thing is "magic".  It will run faster than a 350 t.p.i.,  spin the tires for 100 feet,  try to lift the front end off the ground a wide open throttle in second gear.  I even raced a mustang and ran it up to 150 to 160 mph.  I checked speed using rpms, 4500 rpms in 4th gear, you do the math.  I ran a non-sanctioned 1/4 mile to estimate how much hp I had and put my top speed into this equation:  speed 234 cubed or multiply by itself 3 times, then multiply by car eight When I put my top speed which was 100 mph into this equation, I ended up with 265hp at the rear wheels.  When you figure how much torque the t.p.i. makes you end up with about 350ft/lb of torque.  I dont think these are bad numbers for a 305 without having removed a valve cover or changed the cam.  I even looked in the idea that I could have one of the few 86 irocs with the 350 but I checked the numbers on the block and it is a definite 305.  So as you can see in my long drawn out way I started out sad, came to my senses, and I am not done with my iroc yet.  I plan on boring and stroking the 305 to 335 and producing 450hp with airflow research heads.

11/5/00 Jon from Chicago, Illinios writes:

The story of my Iroc-Z is somewhat like the story of Cinderella except it doesn't end happily.  It all started in the middle of my freshman year in high school...My dad asked me if I would be interested in getting a 1987 Iroc Z Camaro 5 speed.  At the time I didn't know a whole lot about them, but I had seen them on the road and really liked them.  So I said definitely!  My dad's friend apparently owed him a favor but couldn't afford to pay him back or something along those lines.  But he did have a 1987 Iroc Camaro that was beautiful.  It had a lot of miles but was the original owner and stick!  Sure enough my dad got the car and but I didn't know about it at first.  Then he told me and I went to see the car and drove it (in the parking lot because I didn't have my license) I absolutely loved it and it was in storage until the beginning of my sophomore year, this year.  I was lucky enough to have this car and I took care of it beyond belief.  There were no big upgrades or anything along those lines just a couple of things that needed to be done.  So I drove the car to school everyday and it drove like a champ, every guy in the school was jealous, so I took them all for rides.  Everything was going great, I had just got a new clutch put on, and was waiting for the exhaust to get in so it would really stand out....when it happened.  On the morning of November 2nd 2000 it was raining so I drove very cautiously.  I was about 2 blocks
away from my school and there are houses on a somewhat busy street.  A 1990Ford Crown Victoria began to back out of the driveway so I slowed down, because I was going to let it go.  Then the p. o. s. ford stopped so I went a little faster and just when I was by the driveway the driver floors the car and I slammed on the brakes and held the horn down but there was nothing I could do.  My car slid and I impacted her car.  The whole front end of my beloved Iroc was gone.  I got out of the car ready to murder the person and SHE gets out of the car and I yelled "What the f*** were you
doing?!"  I then looked at my car and tears began to flow, because the car that I loved and took care of was gone in a matter of seconds by a Mexican lady that can't speak a word of English!  When the police finally arrived he says that he's going to give both of us a ticket, at the time I was too distraught to argue it....but I received a ticket for failure to go under the speed limit due to conditions....when I was going 30 in a 35.  The next day my dad tells me that the lady THAT HIT ME is claiming that she was hurt
in the accident!  I then called the insurance company and told them that I had a sore neck, chest, and a bruised knee.....and on top of all of that the lady ruined my life!  So next week her insurance company is going to tell me what they're going to give me for the car.  My dad tells me that it's not going to be able to be fixed, so now I have to find a new car.  I don't know if I'll get another Iroc, I'll try to find another that is close
to mine but I don't know if I'll be able to.  So that's my story and unfortunately it ended like that.  Take care of your Iroc, you don't know when it will be rudely taken away from you. -Jon

10/26/00 Dan Young from Groton, CT writes:

Hi IROC fanatics,

You gotta love how all these stories start out, either as a lucky ride in someone else's sweet ride, or fortunate enough to purchase one after truly feeling just how special these cars are from your ordinary pick of autos. Mine starts out pretty much the same, and as you'll see, has evolved into quite an addiction...

I started really getting into cars back in I'd say, 1980. Maybe sooner. I had an uncle that would take my sister and I to the drag strip on Sundays, which at the time, of course, things were a little different (for one, there were quite a few strips, not just one per megametropolis-hehe!). It was common to watch cars stand on their rear bumper, crash, slide, etc. Any given event was as good as going to see the top dogs run at the NHRA upper classes. So that, is where this starts... 

I bought my first camaro back in April of 1992. It was a dogged out, 83 Berlinetta. A V6 to add insult to injury, I still believe most Chevettes would out 1/4 this car. However, this thing went through hell 'n back, and it landed me my wife, Michelle, as well, and we've been married since Dec of 1992. I sold that car in 1994 because I was with my ex-boss at a bar in Memphis and I mentioned to him I'd sell him the car for $1800, and low 'n behold, he actually remembered that! So, on my word, the car vanished from my driveway. Guess what-he's still driving it, to this day, with over 300,000 miles on the clock, no rebuild-unbelievable! I bought camaro #2 before the '83 was ever sold, around November of 1992. This one was definitely much nicer, and unique as well. A 1987 Camaro, V8, and the only option this puppy had was a power trunk, unique enough, with no button on the console to open it! Not even a rear defog. No ac. Very rare. And fast. I drove it daily and then  had enough, I had to get this thing to a track. Memphis Motorsports Park was the designated place, and that's where I let it loose most every Thursday night. It started out a low 16's car, but quickly evolved into a mid  14's screamer. At the time, this was damned impressive, but that wasn't enough. With the stock short-blocked 305, I trashed my first 700-R4 tranny, and broke 2 driveshafts. Upon tranny rebuild, I traded it for a race-prepped Turbo 350 tranny, and it didn't work
like most would hope. I took it to the track, and it refused to kick into 3rd gear (drive) at wide open throttle. So, I have to this day (which I hope to get a scanner soon), about 20 timeslips with this thing running the full 1/4 in 2nd gear at about 85MPH, I figured I'd better quit. Now mind you, they hadn't really developed "drag radials" yet, so what I ran was literally ran-bald Michelin's (totally bald, lookin' like a slick) with about 10PSI of air in 'em. When they hooked, they spun on the rim-haha! Anyways, we had our first kid, so the car had to go, in favor of a sedan, so it left my hands at a dealership at the cruddy trade-in price of...$1000 back in mid 1995. On with da story...

But, before that car left my presence, we bought a new camaro, brand new, actually, a 1994 Camaro Z28 in mid-1994. T-tops, Manual tranny, cassette(bummer) and it was red, of course (just like the other 2). This car blew my mind and all who rode with me as well. It braked like nothing I'd been in before. It handled like nothing else as well. Perfect car, right? Wrong. This is what I bought for the wife, and I rarely drove it. Because, shortly thereafter, I bought the following...

A 1987 Midnight Blue IROC-Z. Bulletproof car that handled better than any car I had previously owned. It was my pride and joy, and received more compliments than all the other 3 put together. t-tops, fully loaded (except leather) and soon to be modified all to hell 'n back (check out my post on the new forum). I installed a B&M Megashifter as my first mod, and was hooked on upgrades since. All my friends thought the world of this car, and all wanted to buy it. To this day I miss this car, and unfortunately, I
needed to sell it in June of 1998. It had the Tennessee custom plate of "TRICK87". I am in the Navy, and left for a 6 month deployment in June of that year, so unfortunately, it had to go. I sold it to my babysitter, who promply dropped the tranny in it soon afterwards. I don't even wanna know where it's at today, but from what I've heard, it was resold, and is still a heavy hitter on the scene in SoCal, who knows. The car was fast! So, I got back from hell in December 1998, and then came...

My current ride, a 1995 1LE Z28. I found it at a Ford dealership in San Diego, and even the guys working there had dibs on this car. I snuck it out from under them with a load approved the same day I checked it out, and have owned it ever since. This car is simply brutal. Being a specialty car, I give it credit as of course being the most powerful and nicest car I've owned, but I'm not gonna let ya'll think I'm an anti-IROC guy, not the case.

I am currently in the market for a 1990 IROC-Z. I need a second project, and remember what was truly the coolest car I ever owned. The 1987 IROC. It even got more attention and demanded it from all who seen it than the 95. I will own another, and it's only a matter of time. I am now 29, 3 kids, and still a car freak. This will never change, as only time will tell just how many camaros one can obtain in their short, thrilling lives. To all you camaro/IROC enthusiasts, kudos, cheers, and keep them up. The 3rd gen f-bodies are among the most unique and coolest cars ever made, and if you're lucky enough to already own an IROC-Z, then, you are already in the sweetest of the sweet! 

10/23/00 Melissa Parker from Deptford, NJ writes:

It all Started in '91.When I turned 17, my dad bought me an '82 Z28 W/ a 350.It was a great car, but if I stayed out too late , he'd take the keys from me. So when I got a full time job, I saved a little money and looked through Auto Shopper. The one day I saw it. A maroon '87 Iroc w/ T-Tops, 5.7 TPI, and only 49k .It looked brand new, and I almost didn't get it. First the bank said the loan fell through, and I went and took my deposit off. I was depressed. Then the bank called , and said that my loan did go through! I was very happy then. I went back over to the car dealership in Runnemede , and put my deposit back on, and a few days later I got my Iroc. 

I drove it for 4 years, and then when I lost my job and had a baby, the poor thing sat in my back yard for 2 years, which was good since it only has 68k on it, but was bad because I had no time to wash and wax it. Now her perfect paint is marred by slight sun damage, and the really cool pinstripe has worn half way off. It also needs a new passenger side ground effect from when I backed over a parking block, and a passenger side front turn signal cover from a rainy day when I went to turn a corner. The car just kept on turning and mowed down a stop sign. (this happened before she sat for 2 years) Well, I had this car for 6 years now, and plan to have it for as
long as possible. I have had plenty of people come up to my house asking if they can buy it, but my Iroc is a part of me, just like a family member. And that is my Iroc story.

10/23/00 Allen Lee writes:

The car in this picture (1987 Picture Gallery) basically cost me 600 dollars... I bought an 87 olds cutlass salon loaded for five hundred bucks because the transmission went out in it... we bought the transmission for 100 bucks and my dad and I put it in myself... one month after I started driving it someone stole it and it was found the next day with the whole front end gone with the exception of the engine... they even took the doors... I got 3300 out of insurance on that one... I bought an 88 firebird for 3000 and about a year and a half after I had that someone hit me in the side and totaled that car... I got 4700 out of that car... and then I bought my iroc for 4500 bucks... it only had 56000 miles on it when I got it and it was in pretty much mint condition... it had been garaged for about six years before I got it... it still had the factory tires on it when I got it but I soon wore those down to nothing and I had to replace them... anyway... that's my story and the pic that goes with it was taken at my house in Ohio... I know the pictures kind of big but that's all I had... if you do post it on your page please let me know... I really enjoy looking at all the great pictures you have on there... well that's all... thank you and God bless...

10/16/00 Alex from St. Peters Missouri writes:

Hey Jeff,

I just wanted to say that I love your web site, It has helped me find info on IROC's that I never even knew before. Its kinda funny, when I am talking to my friends about IROC's, when we are fighting about how many years that Chevy made IROC's and what color they came in, and what type of engine they had, and all that stuff.  I always win :) Anyway, back to the story.

My Iroc dream Started back about Feb of 1999(I was 15 then),I was a freshman in high school.  I remember seeing an IROC for the 1st time, a kid at my school had a 1986 or 1987 IROC in PERFECT con, I was blown away by the rumbling of the engine, and the sound that new tires sound like when you just put them on.  And how he could just early push on the gas and FLY up the hill at my school! Anyway, I just KNEW I had to have one when I turned 16(November 29 1999), Then I remember just getting all the information I could about IROC's. Then my friend got a 1988 RS, 2.8L MPFI, He let me drive it once, but its still not the same as an IROC-Z with the power of a 5.7L V-8 at the bottom of your feet. Then my 16th birthday rolled around, got it the day I turned 16 (skipped school, he he), I'll tell you, 9 months goes by so damn slow when all you are thinking about getting your Drivers License. Then, as you all know the story, my parents ::grrrrr::, wouldn't let me get an IROC because they where afraid I was gonna do like 500 M.P.H or something and cause a 40 car pile-up on Highway-70. (You know the story) Anyway, I tried to save up my money and FINALLY here we are, 1 month be for I turn 17, and they said I can get one, and they will help me pay for it. And also, I am buying an IROC over, so that's kinda cool. Anyway, I have a Sky Blue 1989 IROC-Z picked out and ready to buy for $3000, it has a 5.7L, auto, 3in. Cat back flowmaster Turbo Exhaust system, other then that its all stock. Well thanks for listening to my story. Its been great reading all those other stories.

I think I am gonna right a book on IROC's, he he :)

Peace, Alex

3-1-2000 Bob "the hurricane" Williams from Louisiana writes:

I am from Morristown, Tenn. originally. I now reside in Lake Charles, La. This is thanks to working for South Central Bell at the time of Reaganomics. My first car was a 442 Cutlass. Number 2 was a pontiac GTO ,73 model. After that came a Trans Am. 455, 4 speed, yellow with black interior. Flipped it as a result of a wheel breaking while in motion. Then a black 400 Trans Am. Both of these were '76 models. The black one was stolen. Found four years later in Titusville, Fla., ragged out. I wish I could have found the bastard who stole it. I would have ragged him out. Then it happened. By the grace of the Lord our God of all things good, I went car shopping and found a '74 Z28 in just about immaculate condition. I fell in love with it upon sight. Sold it a few years later for the house thing too. Then my wife wanted a car. So she chose a sport coupe camaro. She totaled it out and we bought it back and I rebuilt it. It was a 2.8 mpfi. I painted it dark cloisonne metallic('94 corvette blue) and put a set of the old 15X8 corvette rally wheels on it(the ring and center type). It looked pretty sharp, but I wanted something more. That was when I saw that most magnificent of Detroit's creations, the one that fills boys' dreams, the very thing that drives both men and womens' hearts wild with desire, the IROC Z28 Camaro. It was about three shades of red (org. paint) with a 305 tpi and 700-R4 trans. Got everything but the power seat option. I drove it and noticed it ran good but was hard to start. The guy that had it didn't know anything about camaros and said it was "cold natured". After a new computer and chip it wasn't cold natured anymore. That started and has not stopped. Now we have a flowmaster muffler, K&N filters, pioneer and JBL stereo components, Dunlop 245/50/16's on the front and Khumo 255/50/16's on the rear. An interior redo is probably next. I am trying to get everything else done before I paint it. The engine runs good and the car handles nicely. Anyway it is a 1985 IROC Z28 and I ain't getting rid of it! I sold that '74 and have regretted it evryday since. This one will not be sold !

2-1-2000 Keith of Saskatoon, Saskatchewon writes:

Upon reading my fellow visitors stories I realized how alike we all are. My story begins when I was 7yrs old. My grandpa bought me this book entitled "Exotic Cars". Inside were many imports and american cars. My two favorite cars in that book were the Ferrari F-40 and the '85 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z. I wanted nothing in the world to one of these two cars. As time went by and I got older I realized how pointless it was to buy a car for $200000 (us funds), I'm Canadian so that's even further out of my league. Then I saw the movie "Adventures in Babysitting" and I thought the guy in the show was so cool because he had such a nice car. And so became my goal to own an IROC! When I was 18 I bought my first car. A mint condition 87' IROC with 5.7L, 4spd auto, a/t/c, pw, pl, ph, t-tops, and red in color. I had to drive 800km (500miles) to buy this car. It was the most amazing ride home. You couldn't beat the smile off my face. I've loved my car ever since. 1 1/2 months before our first year anniversary together it got stolen. It was -30 Celsius, it had 4 inches of snow on top of it, and it wasn't plugged in. Still started with no problems. They took it for a joy ride, then ditched it at the other end of the city. But first they stole all the stereo, smashed the windshield, smashed the headlights, dented the door, scratched all the paint, put burn marks on the floor from smoking (first time this was ever smoked in), ripped sun visors off of ceiling, destroyed rear storage comp., stole t-top bag, ripped key locks out of doors, cut steering wheel (had a club on at the time), smashed steering column, in the process of ripping the dash pad off the wreck and crack all of the vents and lower dash parts, stole the lighter, stole the ash tray, stained the seats, and I'm sure the list goes on but it was so long ago that I have forgotten some things. So my insurance declared the car written off. I having such strong ties with my car kept the car and had it restored to original condition. I had thought about letting it go then when I when to compound to see if there was any souvenirs from the car that I could keep, I sat in the drivers seat, covered with glass, stuck my finger into the steering column, pulled on the ignition and my car roar to life like a brand new car. I sat there with it running for about a minute then I revved her up, to about 4500 rpm. It felt oh so good. At that moment I said to myself there's no way I let this car end up as a parts car. So I took her in again and once again you can't wipe that smile off my face. There is no feeling like the one you get when you glance back at your car after parking it, and you see an IROC-Z.

1-1-2000 Mike from Minnesota writes:

I just bought my first Iroc, paid $8,000. I asked the previous owner (Jason) if he wanted to sell it, he said he was thinking about it but had to talk to his wife first. A few weeks went by and no call. I began looking for other camaros-and my standards were becoming lower. I couldn't wait much longer, and figured when Jason did call, he would say no. Anyway, a few more weeks went by. Then one night I was sitting on the computer and my dad yelled to me that the Iroc had just drove past my house. I got in my mom's van to go and see if I could find Jason. I didn't, but while I was gone, he called my house. As soon as I got home, my dad told me Jason called, and I was on the phone immediately. I had the cash at my house because another deal fell through (remember, I was ready to buy something...anything!). My dad and I drove over to Jason's house, and after driving the Iroc about a block, I knew it was the one I wanted. I am glad I waited, and suggest to anyone looking for one to do the same...just wait. It is the original paint, interior, motor, etc. It only has 48,700 miles on it. It is a 350 auto, with K&N filters. No parking-lot or winter time on it. I absolutely love this car. You have a great web page here and I would love to see my car on it. Thanks. -Mike (Minnesota)

6-30-1999 DJ writes:

This is a great site, now tagged in my "favorites." I am a Camaro lover (I have owned 5), but foremost, I am an IROC-Z LOVER! My wife likes Camaro's also, but she wants a `67, which we do plan on purchasing, but again, my 1st love is the IROC. I fell in love with it on a summer day back in 1984 when I saw an add for the "new" `85 IROC-Z by Chevrolet in my Car Craft magazine. It was love at first sight, even though the one in the add was yellow, and I hate yellow cars. I swore I would own one someday. That day finally came in August of 1991, when I purchased a white `89 with a 305 under the hood. I have worked on all of my prior 3 Camaro's (even a `75 street racer from the frame up), but I was scared of that fuel injection under the hood, and thus never modified it at all. I lost my car in July of `92 when my "girlfriend" of the time need some special ice-cream only found at Baskin & Robin (sp?). Reno did not have any at there store, so I ventured into Sparks (for the first time) to see if there's had it. After passing it, I made a safe and legal turn around in a housing subdivision, and waited at the light to make my turn. When the light turned green I proceeded slowly, as I have had 3 prior accidents when some idiot turned left in front of me. I barely saw out of the corner of my eye the red blur that slammed into me. Some 16 year old twit with a license 2 weeks old, driving a 4x4 ran the red light a 50 mph. Thank goodness for that heavy steel door, as she t-boned me. If I were in one of those "recycled beer cans" I would have been a goner. Her excuse, and what she told the police, "I was watching a cute guy on the side of the road and never saw the light." That is a line I will never forget. The irony, now I live in that housing subdivision, and drive through that intersection almost every day. It took me 2 months of fighting with her insurance company before I was finally able to look for a replacement. The only IROC for sale in this town was my current `86. The used car dealer couldn't sell it because it had problems that his mechanic couldn't figure out. When I test drove it, it felt like someone had a chain hooked to the bumper when you accelerated. I talked him down from 6K, and walked with it for 4. I took it home, replaced the MAF and the computer, and it ran fine. Which brings me to today, as you can read from my guest book sign in. I modified the induction system myself, and could now strip and rebuild the TPI blind folded.  

May your website live on, as with the IROC-Z. Again, you have a great site, and maybe it can answer the only "nagging" question I have left for my performance needs. May the old lady/man never be in front of you, and the Mustang always behind you.

Sincerely, D J

1-1-99 Jeff writes: 

My name is Jeff also, I'm 17 years old and just bought my first IROC-Z today. My love affair with these cars has been going on for at least 5 years now. I first remember seeing one when I was about 12. It was exactly like the one I just bought. Black, red interior, all the options. From that day on, I knew it was the car for me. My parents both knew I wanted a camaro really bad when I got my license so last Christmas my father bought my cousin's 1987 Camaro LT. The car was in pretty bad condition. My dad rebuilt most of it so it would run good for me. I had it painted black and tried to clean up the interior the best I could. It was good car for a 5.0 305. But it was no IROC...So fast forward a couple months down the road. I saw this IROC for sale on the net. It was beautiful and exactly what I was looking for and to top it off it had really low mileage(43,000 original miles). I knew I had to have it. My savings were pretty much non-existent though but I make pretty decent money so I knew I could afford a loan. I asked my mother about the car she took me to test drive it. She thought it would be alright if I got it. Then I go and talk to my father and he basically told me I was nuts and that I'd never get that car. He told me I was going to kill myself driving it and that I couldn't afford it. But I am persistent and eventually after many weeks of begging and pleading I finally got the car. And I have to say it was a great feeling driving that car home today. I finally found my dream car. And hope to keep it for many more years to come.

6-30-1998 BJ Phillips writes:

Hey how are you doing? I have been fascinated with your website all day now. I get on the site and read a few things then I get off and so on. Well anyways I would like to tell you my story. I am currently 20 years old I got my first IROC-Z experience at the age of 16. My mother's best friend had a Blue Iroc with a 5.7 liter automatic. Well she would let me and her son take for little block long journeys. Well I quickly was in love. All it took was for me to sit behind the wheel and start it. I was Hooked. Well when I was 18, I finally got my license and the race was on to find me an Iroc. Well as it turns out, all I could find was a Z28 but nonetheless I was very happy with it. I was not good to the car beings it was my first car and I had no idea how to care for it. I blew up the engine. I nearly cried. But it was ok, I could get a rebuilt engine for $700. I worked and worked until I finally had enough money. A lot of stuff happened in my life. I got evicted from apt. I had no money to have my car towed. I left it and the owner of the apts had it towed and would not tell me where he took it. So I did nothing. I searched for another car with no luck. Then one day my friend came over and said BJ you need to come with me. I found something you should see. He took me 6 blocks from where I was staying and said look real closely at those bushes. I saw a car. It had been so long probably 1 1/2 years since I had last seen it. It was my old Z. I was so happy to see it I had a wrecker go and get it. It sat beside my house for a few months. Then I found another motor for it and paid for it and paid a guy to drop it in. He took off with my money and my motor. I ended up selling the car for $100 because of where it sat for that long and them getting it there It had taken a toll on me. The car looked rough. Well now it has been a few months. That car is over. But I did end up getting an Iroc-Z. It took me a while but I did it. I am now driving a Blue Iroc Z Camaro 305 h.o. 5 speed. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread lol. I just thought I would write you and tell you my life with Camaros. Well I hope you enjoy reading this I enjoyed your story. 

your friend,
BJ Phillips

1-1-98 Don Steckly writes:

My IROC story probably goes back to my very first Z28--a 1974 that I owned in 1976--but, my first IROC was a 1986, and I currently own a 1990.  Let me see if I can tie all these three cars together for you.

Back in 1975, Chevrolet decided to kill the Z28.  (Does anyone remember?)  Having been a teenager during the original muscle car era, I dreamed of owning a 69 RS Z/28, but these cars were pretty used up when I had enough income to buy a muscle car of my own.  One day in 1976, I spotted a lime yellow Z28 which I bought without hesitation because I knew that the “last” Z28 would someday be worth something. 

Well, as you probably know, Chevrolet reintroduced the Z28 in 1977--so much for owning the last Z28.  (By the way, for those who think they “reintroduced” it again in 1991, check your build sheet.  My 1990 IROC list Z28 as an option–just as they were in 1967.) 

Nonetheless, I loved this car and kept it for many years.  It went from 100% original to 100% modified and then back to 100% original during my ownership.  I think I probably had a million loans during that time--constantly dumping money into the love of my life. 

But Chevrolet promoted the Z28 as “the closest thing to a Corvette yet.”  So, naturally, I wanted a Vette.

One day in 1984, my wife and I spotted a red 1982 Corvette that was just plain, gorgeous.  Now, since the wife didn’t quite share my affections for the Z--being somewhat jealous--I made a deal . . . , "If I can buy the Vette, I will sell the Z28." 

Bad move.  I sold my soul for a lady in red

Although the Corvette was beautiful, the previous owner must have forgotten what maintenance was.  The car gave me nothing but problems and I ended up trading it in only months after my Z was gone.  I knew my next car had to be a Z28.

The wife and I pulled up to our local Chevrolet dealership and I spotted two Z28s.  One was black with red interior that had all the bells and whistles.  My wife loved it.  The other Z was yellow, had plain vinyl interior, but cost more than the black Z28--because it was an IROC! 

I drove the black Z and was thinking about how much fun keeping a black car was going to be when the salesman kept insisting that I look at the IROC.  I told him that I couldn't afford the price, but he persuaded me just to take it for a drive.

When I fired it up, my ears stood on end; there was definitely a difference between it and the plain Z28 I had just driven.  I could tell the car had a stiffer ride but--since I wasn't alone--I couldn't really put it through its paces--unless I wanted to hear about it for weeks on end.  I pulled back into the dealership trying to talk myself into the black Z28 because of cost and because my wife really liked the interior--as compared to the plain vinyl seats.  But, when I opened both hoods and compared the plain, dull air cleaner on the plain Z28 to the IROC’s beautiful TPI induction and aluminum valve covers , I was sold!  I told my wife that the rumbling exhaust and aluminum valve covers wins over cloth red interior. 

Unfortunately, I only had this car for about two months before somebody backed into the passenger’s door (while I was sitting in it) in a parking lot.  I was never happy with the repairs and couldn't stand to have a car that had bondo in it anywhere.  So, I put it up for sale and said good-bye to my second Z28. 

Now, I must admit that I haven't always been a Chevrolet loyalist.  I've owned several Mustangs and even had a Boss 302 that made Car Craft Magazine once.  This is where the story turns.  Bare with me you Stang killers.  

My Boss was very cool, but I had taken it to all sorts of shows, won almost every trophy, and it wasn't a daily driver--not exactly practical to own at eight miles to the gallon with octane boost.  I was in my thirties now and was thinking I should stop buying cars that I don't drive.  (At the time I had three Mustangs and a Turbo Coupe Thunderbird which had never seen rain.)  I decided it was time to sell the Boss--but I wasn't all that anxious to do so. 

I put a $5.00 advertisement in Hemming's Motor News and asked $2000.00 more than the top dollar Boss 302 currently on the market.  Since my Boss wasn’t 100% correct–having had a color change–I didn’t think I could get what I was asking.  But, hey!  I was making an effort, right?  The very first caller was from Hawaii and bought it sight unseen.  I was shocked.  But, since I was going to double my investment amount, I went through with the sell. 

Okay, so now I was mature.  Right?  Not.  I needed a muscle car.  I still had a Mustang SVO and the wife had a Mustang GT, but I missed the rumbling exhaust that said, "I go fast."  I started cruising the car lots.

One day I came upon a dark red 1990 IROC-Z28 that caught my eye.  I remembered my ‘86 and how my wife loved the maroon ones back then.  A close friend had just bought a new Saleen Mustang and I wanted something different that would blow his doors off.  This IROC had a 350 in it and I figured it could do the trick. 

I told the wife that I was tired of having collectible cars and that we should sell the SVO.  (I had thought that one day they would be valuable too.)  I convinced her to let me trade in the SVO for the IROC.   Ahh, alas,  I had the rumble back. 

Well, so much for the best laid plans.  Once again, Chevrolet started messing with my mind.  One day,  I noticed in the newspaper that they were going to stop making the IROC because Chevrolet lost their contract with the International Race of Champions.  Further, 1990 was to be a short-lived production run.

Stop making the IROC?!  Mine was the last year made?  Limited production?  The mind went screech!

I started to think . . .  Should I keep driving this car?  I was a parent now too.  Shouldn't I be more responsible?  Remember that I was through buying cars and hoping they would be collectible--while not driving them.  True, I hadn’t driven the IROC in the rain yet, but I did drive it.  (And loved doing so, I might add.)

Now what I haven't mentioned is the fact that my son was born just a few months before my IROC was built.  My wife and I were foster parents when he was  a baby and in 1991 he was reunified with his biological mother.  My heart was broken and I parked the IROC with a promise: It wasn't coming out of my garage until he returns home. 

Fortunately, my son did eventually return home and--after several miserable years--we were able to legally adopt him.  But, what about the IROC? 

Well, it had sat all those years (in an air tight plastic bag), so I figured there was no point in driving it now.  I'm in my forties and  he is only eleven.   Seems like I've had my day. . . .  His is next.  I'm going to take care of the car (I service it every year) and, when he is old enough, maybe I'll let him tow it to a car show.

Drive it?  Are you crazy?  I think this one really is going to be collectible. . . .

Note: The 1990 IROC-Z28 has 7396 miles on the odometer.  I have saved everything from the window sticker, to the original oil filter and battery.  I even have the 1990 recall notices.  The car is serviced yearly and the engine is started regularly to lubricate the internals.   

9-24-1997 John from Long Island writes:

I am 19 years old.... two years ago I fell in love..... I was driving down the highway with a friend... and you know how when your not looking for it happens.... I spotted a 1986 Iroc-Z for sale.... 1500.00 is what the guy wanted ... it had 69,000 miles on the clock... it did need a hood though but that was no problem... needless to say I ran home to ask my aunt for some money{she owed me a graduation gift} I also paid her most of it back... and I got to take home the torch red newfound love of my life.... it was gorgeous. even my mother said wow when I pulled up with it..... I did the normal things to it... I put black outs on it.. exhaust tips.. radio,, stuff like that..... then on my 19th birthday I blew the tranny, {yeah great gift} but I wasn't discouraged at all... I said ok ... new motor and tranny... so it is now undergoing an intense overhaul... it was a carbureted 305, and it will now be a 350 t.p.i. the new motor has a cam.. the air foil, accel 8.8 wires, msd coil, edelbrock legal emission headers...and a stage 3 hypertech chip. I also have another 700r4 tranny with a shift kit. it is also getting a makeover{new paint} I went from the red to silver with black racing stripes... the car is getting clear coated with purple pearl so that it changes color slightly with different light.. I also went to the 92 ground effects. I have a fiberglass Daytona hood, and a custom fin... I am looking into an aluminum driveshaft and a 3:73 direct posi rear... I have a flowmaster 3 inch exhaust system. I only owe the guy painting it another $1,900.00 but I'm getting there... I will hopefully be getting it back soon.... then I have to put the motor in.. can't wait to drive it.....this is my story and I love my iroc, thanks

8-24-1997 Howard writes:

(8/18/00) I bought the IROC-Z in 97 off the chump who sold it for the stang...I am the third owner of my car, and one day in Metal Shop, we all got to pull our cars up and let the class look at them, I was so jealous of that Black and Gold IROC, man it was clean... Anyways, I pull up my 68 C-10 truck with the 355, sounds much better than IROC even to this day... The kid with the IROC starts laughing, (he's an ass, ya know rich, the whole deal) and telling me how his mustang will kill my truck and I'm like, what about the IROC, he said, mustangs take me all the time....I just laughed and asked him if the car was for sale...that's when my love for IROC's got serious, he talked to his parents, and they sold it to me for 6800, 7800$ with the extended coverage service plan...Oooooowwww, anyways, about a month later, (I had already gotten exhaust, head porting, plenum porting, modified MAF, most of what's done to it now, ) he pulls up next to me in his Chumpstang, he he, the IROC is so much better looking of a car..., an 89 black 5.0.... hehe, he pulled me the first run, but it was my bad, I took off too late, and he thinks he's won, ya know typical stang owner, revs and laughs. We go again and I got him by like two carlengths solid.... Man this boy was pissed off, he asked me what I did to it to make it beat a mustang, and I said Love man, that's all it takes, and about 1000$ dollars worth of work to it...

We kinda got this war going now, and I'm good friends with him... but he got smart, he drives an 88 GTA right now.., not an IROC, but hey they look just as good... 

7-24-1997 Dustin Wickingson  writes:

(8/9/00) My love for the Camaro started four years ago when I was 12. Me and my dad were driving down the road, and we stopped at a light, when a black Iroc-Z pulled up next to us, it was a younger driver, probably about 18-20. I looked at the car and thought it was awesome. The driver was watching me look at his car and when the light turned green he shot down the road faster than anything I had ever seen. The sound of that car made me want one so bad, I couldn't wait until I got my license so I could save up money to get one. After that day, I bought all of the Camaro stuff I could find, I put together model after model, did school reports on them, and found out as much stuff as I could. By the time I was 15 I wanted an Iroc more than ever, so I got a job, I worked about 8 months, as hard as I could and saved every penny of it. I had 2200 bucks saved up when I quit. I didn't think that an older one would cost much. Then I started to look around, and all I could find were beat up ones for that price, so the time came to get my license, and I was still looking for an Iroc. Then one day my friend comes up to me and is like, hey, there's a real nice camaro for sale by my house, come look at it. So I went and looked, it was a 1987 Camaro base model, with the 2.8 V6. It was in alright condition and the guy only wanted 2000 bucks for it, so I decided to buy it. The whole time I had it I was miserable. All I wanted was an Iroc. So I ended up selling it for 2500 bucks. Then I came across an ad in the paper for a 1988 Iroc-Z, 5.7 V8, 5 speed, great condition, $3500. So I went and looked at it and fell in love. The guy that had it put an intercooler kit in it and supercharged the engine. Which I knew my dad wouldn't go for. I wanted the car so bad the second I pressed in the gas pedal and it flung me back into the seat. But when I went and talked to my parents about it, they said no. My dad said it was too fast and the insurance was to much. So I said id pay for my insurance. So he agreed to let me get the car. I went down that day and picked it up, registered it, bought some things for it, and went into town. It was the best day of my life, listening to the engine rumble while I'm at a stop light. Knowing I can kick the living shit out of any mustang around. But.. the power kinda got to me, and I was whipping 360s in parking lots, racing everyone in sight, speeding like crazy, and before I knew it, my license was gone. I haven't driven my car in 7 months now, and I get my license back in two days. I thought not being able to have an Iroc was bad, but if you ever have to sit down and be able to look at the car that you worked every day of your life for, and know that you cant drive it. It makes you sick. Now i'm so excited imp going to be driving again, I cant wait. And I guess as long as I know my car is fast, I don't have to show people that it is. All I have to do is pop my hood and show off chevys 5.7 Liter 350 and imp happy. Id just like to say that the Iroc-Z is the most fun automobile to drive than anything ever made, and I would  never drive anything but one.

6-24-1997 Matt Mersereau from Atlanta, GA writes:

Hi Jeff,
I too can remember lusting for the ultimate Camaro back in high school(class of 88).For me it started at the very beginning,1985. I bought a 1/8 scale '85 IROC-Z model kit, and wanted to detail it correctly. I knew the local dealer wouldn't let a 15 year old kid near a new IROC so I asked my dad to take me to the dealership so I could make some notes on what color to paint the various parts on the model. As we were looking at an IROC, the salesman started moving cars out from in front of the Camaro we were looking at. My dad looked at me and said "Looks like he wants us to take it for a spin". Man was I excited when Dad started talking as if he might actually buy one( what a gullible 15 year old I was ) but soon I realized he was just talking big for the salesman. The car we drove that day was black and silver with a gray custom cloth interior( I can remember the diagonal lines in the upholstery). What an awesome car! 

Fast forward to January 2000.I felt like the time was right to buy a toy car and although a '69 Camaro is my ultimate dream, my standards are to high and a '69 that would satisfy me is for now, out of my price range. Well it didn't take long to decide that my new toy would be an IROC. I found several low mileage examples on the net but one in particular peaked my interest. The ad read " 1985 Camaro IROC-Z, still new, 2,000miles.Black/silver $12,500 obo." After talking with the guy for about an hour I decided that I had to see the car. A week later my wife and I flew to Pittsburgh from Atlanta, rented a car, and drove less than an hour to see what was to become my new baby. There sat the identical car to the one my dad and I test drove 15 years earlier. It still smelled new inside, the car was unbelievable. I negotiated the price to $12,000 even. A few of my friends still think I'm nuts for paying that much for a mid 80s Camaro, but I say to hell with 'em. I got what I wanted and didn't mind paying that much for a car in that good of condition. Since getting the car home(on a trailer of course) I have put it back to its original state.  The original owner didn't modify it much, but I like it to be as factory as possible. I removed the digital kit and re-installed the original gages, removed the window tint, and replaced the hood louvers(they had been painted silver).I also restored a set of IROC wheels and mounted a set of Eagle F1s on them so that the original Gatorbacks could be saved for shows and such. The original wheels/tires now hang on my garage wall. That is about all I can think of to say about my baby. The only thing that could make it any better would be if it were the exact IROC-Z my dad and I drove back in 1985.

5-24-1997 Gary E. Gloer II writes:

Back in 96 I purchased my wife a 1985 Z28 w/ TPI. The car had a gas smell only on the highway that I couldn't track down so I took it back to the lot where I just purchased it 2 days before. The guy said we'll fix it. About 4 days later he called and said "I have good and bad news for you!" "The good news is we fixed the gas smell". ( a cap on the tank popped open ) "The bad news is it got some scratches on the hood & side, don't worry its at the body shop now & we'll fix it for you" I said "Where is my car at!" After getting that information I took off to go see my car. It was at some guys house. It had a hole in the hood the fenders and a door were trashed! After getting the police down there & finding out that his wife took it out in middle of the night "drunk" and drove over some mailboxes& so on, I said "I'm taking the car and you'll hear from my attorney". 1 year later we won the court case and fixed the car. In Sept. of 99 we put $4,500 into the motor. In Nov. 99 my wife T boned a mini van and totaled the chassis but didn't touch the fresh motor, it was the mini vans fault and the guy excepted total responsibility. So we collected from his Ins. Co. and kept the car. So we started looking for a replacement and found a 1986 IROC-Z w/ TPI!  I have to say after driving both the Z28 and IROC-Z that Chevy should have made every Z28 with the IROC-Z package. Its awesome! This is our GOOD LUCK camaro!!!!!! We plan to restore it and swap motors with the Z28 since that ones barely broke in and has 400 f.p.t. and 350 hp.

4-24-1997 TJ from Memphis Tennessee writes:

Back when I was in the 6th grade my best friend's step dad had a 79 yellow  z28. I loved that car because he had the motor decked out, the stereo, the works. Since then I’ve always wanted a camaro of some kind. In 1996 I had a motorcycle accident when an old lady pulled out in front of me, and I hit her (her fault). My insurance company told me to get a lawyer so I did, and 1 year to date I got a nice lump some of money. A guy that worked with my mother had a camaro for sale. My mom told me about it and I went to my moms work to check it out. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. He took me for a test ride, he told me that he didn't really want to sell it but he had to so he could bye a house for his new family. He only wanted $4,000 for it, so before I even drove it I gave the man cash. It is a yellow 1987 IROC-Z in perfect condition. With a bad ass stereo system, clean all stock motor. That same day I went and had a $400 alarm system put on it. And the rest is history. So it's true that good things can happen from bad things.
                         T.J.   roc on iroc lovers  I know I will  :)

3-24-1997 John Gallagher writes: 

I first spotted my IROC sitting along side the highway. It is an 87 black on black loaded except for leather. At the time of purchase, it had 97,000 miles on it. My dad had actually spotted the car and told me about it. The very day that he told me was the day I drove up to see it. I walked up to it and it was totally trashed. I could tell it had a good body on it but that was it. It had window tinting falling off on every window except for the passenger side. The passenger side window was clear because it had been smashed out and no one had even cleaned up the glass off the floor. I took it out for a test drive and it had a broken transmission mount and the engine was running so rich that it was struggling to idle. Anyway, I put a  deposit down after I drove it. My dad thought I was crazy. I purchased the car and drove it home that week. Since then I have been slowly restoring it and it is going to be in my collection for many years. I have three more years of college left and I plan on totally stripping it down and restoring it after I graduate. If you would like to see pictures of what it looks like now, check it out at the 1987 picture gallery. Thanks for letting me share this, Jeff.

2-24-1997 Steve from Roanoke, Virginia writes:

I was just introduced to your webpage and can't help but write to you about my Iroc. In early 98 when I was 19, I went out on my own to buy an Iroc because my friend (turned ford trader) had an 89 IROC-Z 350TPI. He let me use the car about 4 or 5 different times. Like you said in your story man, that's all it took. I got a loan and attached myself to an 87 305TPI Iroc in early 98, and by June, I unfortunately wrecked it. The insurance company told me it was totaled and that they would pay for it......can you guess where that money went? Towards my Black and Gold 85 Iroc that had 54K original miles. I am still paying for this car but I only owe $1,400 now. I have done everything I can do considering my limited money because of bills. I am far from done however. My list of aftermarket parts I have now are as such: Flowmaster muffler with 3 1/2 inch chrome tips, gutted converter (shhh don't tell) which greatly adds to that wonderful rumble. Newly rebuilt tranny. 1.6 ratio crane aluminum fully roller rockers with high profile chrome valve covers. An MSD 6AL ignition. GT Grant steering wheel (I installed myself) Aluminum underdrive pulleys. K&N air filters, and finally a B&M shiftkit. This is only the beginning. After reading some specs I found out that the cam I have in my Iroc is the reason that the 86 Irocs had 25 less horsepower. My cam only came in the 350 TPI's in the future Irocs and the 305 TPI's with manual. I have the only year that an auto tranny has this cam. Those 1.6 roller rockers increased the cam a little more also. You said something in your story about the "Chumpstangs of these years were slightly faster". I'm glad you used past tense. Did I mention what my tags say? WHAT GT ;) After retiring my last year tags that read 1GT EATR. I'm a resident of Roanoke VA. I hope to add some stuff to your webpage and hear back from you soon. Oh, I want your opinion on something also. I am having a decal put on my back window, I'm thinking of having the ford poney put on there with gun sights around it. Then it will say something to the effect of " A good poney is a dead poney". Well that's it for now. Thanks for reading.

1-24-1997 David Higgins from Bensalem, PA writes:

About 6 years ago when I was in 11th grade, my friend Jen got an 88 Iroc-z. It was maroon with red letters and gray interior. It was a beautiful car and from that point I knew that I wanted one and that I was going to have one. About two years ago in December a new couple moved into the house next door to mine and I noticed that she had a black/gold 86 Iroc. The car was in pretty good shape and it sounds great too I would drool over the car every time I heard her pull up in front of the house with it. That January I noticed that she had parked the car across the street from her house which she never did and that someone had hit the drivers door and put a pretty large dent into it. Well the car never moved for the next 6 months. After talking to her husband, he told me that the car died the morning after the accident and hasn't started since. He said he changed a couple of parts but still no change. I asked him what they where going to do with the car and he said that he didn't' know that it was up to his wife. That July I saw her standing outside and she walked up to me and asked me to make an offer for the car and I told her $1,500 and that was it.  I bought the car that day. I had a friend help me to push the car into my garage and that is where it sat until I could get someone to get it running. In January I finally got the car running the only problem was that the starter was bad so I replaced that and then installed an Edelbrock cat-back system into it and it was ready for the road. The list of things that need to be replaced isn't to bad, I mean I need a whole new interior and some paint and body work to the outside. Now I have been working to restore her to her former glory. It is turning out to be harder then I thought it would be but slowly I'm getting there. But every time I feel like giving up I remember that it is my Iroc-Z, it's my toy so I just get right back to work on her. I figure it will take me a while to get it into the condition I want it in but I know it is all worth it.