Steven, Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom

1989 Black IROC-Z

 1989 IROC-Z 5.7Lt TPI Camaro

Steven, Seaford East Sussex, United Kingdom

My Camaro Story…


Hi, I have just been reading your story on your life with Camaros and as a result have taken the time to send you mine with pictures. My wife and I live in Seaford, East Sussex in a small town in the Untied Kingdom. I have always been interested in American cars since a youngster, and now at 31 years old, I am still glad to be rekindled with my second Camaro.


My first IROC-Z Camaro was an 86 305TPI in white, pictured below, bought for me by my wife back in 1993 for the price of 4500 and it was the best thing my wife and I have ever owned. At the time we were only renting a one bedroom flat in Seaford, but the car was our pride and joy. We took her to many shows, belonged to an American Owners Club, and much enjoyment was found when driving her to holiday destinations, because were we went, she went, and people noticed with interest.


Unfortunately towards the end of the year 94, we had to sell her to buy our home, sound familiar. My wife cried to see a stranger drive of with her after the transaction, but the time for us was ready to purchase our home for future concern.


A few years down the road, when settled and more solvent, the wife and I decided to purchase a another IROC Camaro, as any other car over here personally, would never be in any way near the same buzz as driving a IROC Camaro, and in addition we had a garage to park the future Camaro in now, away from the bad winters we tend to have over here. One criteria of mind though while commencing the hunt, was that it had to be a 350, as I already have owed a 305, but this proved to be a bit of a problem at first, as most IROCS found over here are mainly 305.

Finally I found the perfect candidate, a black 89 IROC-Z 350TPI Camaro pictured below purchased for the sum of 5800 on August of last year 1999. Although it was bought with some problems, I have now ironed some of them out, but do still have a problem with her running a bit rich, any pointers would be grateful,  so far I have had the injectors cleaned, I have change the oxygen and temperature sensors, as well as plugs, leads, cap and rotor arm with no affect to the problem at hand.

At the moment she has spent a lot of the time away in garage, away from the winter, as I don’t have intensions to use her as a every day car, but summer is around the corner and yesterday my wife and I took her out around the country side with the tops out as it was such a nice day, and the buzz was tremendous. I do think that Chevrolet get it write with style and performance a good percentage of the time, the Camaro is a fine example…

Steven, Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom

          1986 IROC-Z 5.0Lt TPI Camaro